YouTube is taking a sneaky shortcut to compete with TikTok

YouTube is taking a sneaky shortcut to compete with TikTok

The short-form video format of TikTok has captured the attention of content production platforms all around the world, and now YouTube is stepping up its efforts to compete with the social media juggernaut by introducing a new TikTok-style creator tool.

YouTube has introduced a tool that enables producers to instantly turn up to 60 seconds of previously posted long-form films into Shorts as part of its most recent app update for iOS and Android devices.

If the chosen video is less than 60 seconds, artists can film more with the Shorts camera or upload more from their gallery using the tool, which makes use of the platform’s built-in editing tools (text, timeline editor, filters, etc.).

Only the authors themselves can import and/or modify their existing content collection, and any Shorts made utilizing previous movies will, of course, connect back to the original YouTube upload.

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The functionality appears to be a creator-driven innovation that provides creators with an additional channel for luring prospective subscribers to their long-form material (if, for instance, a user is interested in a short-form version of a longer video, they may be inclined to click through and continue watching).

But this update also exposes YouTube’s desperation to ramp up its short-form library in a bid to better compete with the likes of TikTok and Instagram. 

It is obvious that not enough content creators are uploading straight to Shorts, and given the criticism of YouTube’s recent decision to convert some vertical videos into Shorts automatically, the company is now betting on the effectiveness of allowing users the freedom to make that decision for themselves.

YouTube fans can anticipate seeing a ton more vertical video content in the upcoming months as a result of Shorts’ more natural, albeit encouraged, expansion.

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