Your work team might soon hate Microsoft SharePoint a little less

Your work team might soon hate Microsoft SharePoint a little less

New site templates could make SharePoint a lot easier to handle Using Microsoft SharePoint to orchestrate your team’s work could soon be a lot more pleasant thanks to several upgrades to the software.

The online collaboration and work sharing platform has revealed it is working on a number of new site templates, a move it says should make using team sites clearer and more intuitive.

The new templates include sites for your IT helpdesk, crisis communication team, and new employee onboarding team, covering several key milestones for all businesses.

SharePoint site templates

In its entry in the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, the change is listed as being in development now. However it has an expected release date of August 2022, meaning that users may get to experience the new site templates relatively soon.

SharePoint web users around the world will be able to enjoy the new templates, but we’ll stay tuned for specific release date information.

The update comes as Microsoft looks to ensure all its Office 365 programs are providing the efficiency and productivity boost workers need as many companies embrace hybrid working.

This includes adding improved voice dictation for apps such as Outlook and Word, allowing users to dictate documents, emails and more using their voice.

But the company has also introduced information barriers in Microsoft 365, where organizations can restrict communication and collaboration among specific groups of users for both business and security purposes.

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Administrators are able to establish policies that permit or prohibit conversations between groups of users with the new tool, which is compatible with SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive for Business. Unauthorized collaborations such as adding a member to a site, accessing a site or content, sharing a site or content, or searching a site can be stopped using information barriers in OneDrive and SharePoint Online.

Following the recent introduction of price increases for Office, Microsoft will attempt to increase user appreciation of the value of its services with the improvements.

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