You could play Baldur’s Gate 3’s next major update before anyone else

You could play Baldur’s Gate 3’s next major update before anyone else

Baldur’s Gate 3 developer Larian Studios is inviting playtesters to preview the second and third acts of the much-anticipated RPG.

Eligible fans can receive an early peek at the game’s final, as-yet-unseen section before its complete release sometime next year. You will get the opportunity to interact directly with the game’s last two acts while offering comments to help shape the experience, according to the Larian webpage promoting the new phase of testing (thanks, Wargamer)

You must fulfill the eligibility requirements, which include a commitment to at least one full day of playtesting at a Larian office, in order to participate. They can be found in Quebec, Selangor, Barcelona, and Gent. Larian cautions that this isn’t a professional QA Testing function, but you will receive a mix of cash, gift cards, game keys, and stuff in exchange for your work.

Visit the Larian website and fill out the application to join. It will ask you a number of questions to determine your game tastes and Dungeons & Dragons experience, but it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to do. Larian states that he is especially interested in hearing from players who are motivated to contribute to the Baldur’s Gate 3 experience and who voice their opinions loudly.

Tought act to follow

The second and third sections of Baldur’s Gate 3 remain a mystery despite the game’s early access release back in 2020. Only the first third of the game has so far been made available, and according to the official FAQ on the Baldur’s Gate 3 Steam forum page, the game’s final two acts won’t be released until the game exits early access in the following year.

It is anticipated that a sizable section of the game’s second act, which will take place in the game’s titular city, will be playable. Both acts will advance the game’s narrative and bring you one step closer to the RPG’s ultimate resolution.

Future upgrades will also include a ton more player options in addition to the locales and storyline content. The nine races and all 12 classes from the D&D 5E Player’s Handbook will be included in the game, according to Larian. Future additions include the Monk and Paladin races, as well as the Dragonborn and Half-orc races.

This playtest is probably your best chance to get a sneak peek at Baldur’s Gate 3’s upcoming content before the game is officially released if you’re anxious to see what it has in store. But be mindful of what you are entering. Wait till the full launch if you don’t like spoilers or want to play the game for the first time in its perfect, unadulterated state. You can go back to Faerûn in not too much longer.

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