You can now play Stray in splitscreen multiplayer

You can now play Stray in splitscreen multiplayer

A new splitscreen multiplayer mod for recently released adventure game Stray lets you buddy up with a feline friend.

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The mod only supports local co-op for now, but KangieDanie says they know another modder is looking into creating an online co-op mod down the line.

Room for more

You can play using the same keyboard or connect a second controller to dance side by side down the city streets. However, it is unclear how many additional co-op players can be added using the mod, and even KangieDanie is unsure as they ran out of controllers to test with. As many as three players can play simultaneously, according to recent screenshots.

The mod is still in its early stages of development, and KangieDanie has noted a number of issues you should be prepared to encounter. The game’s HUD is currently only visible to Player 1, it occasionally crashes during level transitions, and there may be a few visual bugs while you’re playing. All typical teething issues with a new mod.

However, playing in co-op appears to be quite simple. Once the mod has been installed, go to the main menu and press F9 to add a second player. Don’t go overboard, though; it’s not yet apparent whether you can remove players after adding them.

You’ll need to download the Unreal Engine Mod Loader in addition to the mod’s main file and related splitscreen configuration in order to install it. To get everything up and running, adhere to the directions provided in the mod’s description:

  • Download the main mod and splitscreen config files from the Nexus Mods page
  • Drag the SplitScreenRequiredConfig_P.pak file into the ‘Paks’ folder in Stray’s file directory
  • Create a new folder called ‘LogicMods’ in the existing ‘Paks’ folder
  • Drag the SplitScreenMod.pak file into that new folder
  • Download the latest UnrealModLoader and extract the zipped file anywhere on your PC
  • Launch UnrealModLoader.exe
  • Launch Stray
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