WhatsApp could soon let you set a voice message as your status

WhatsApp could soon let you set a voice message as your status

It’s no secret that WhatsApp releases updates quickly; most recently, users were given the option to experiment with emoji replies. Now, it appears that another big upgrade is on the way.

The most recent beta of the WhatsApp app for Android has code that hints you’ll soon be able to publish audio messages as your status for your contacts to listen to, as discovered by the kind people at WABetaInfo.

A snapshot posted by WABetaInfo displays a microphone button next to the text, photo, and video choices that are already available for setting your status, even though the feature hasn’t even been made available to beta testers yet.

Current status

In WhatsApp, you may exchange voice notes and audio files during conversations, but you cannot share them with all of your contacts at once. Once the new functionality is implemented, that will alter.

When you publish a line of text, a picture, or a brief video on WhatsApp, it is accessible to the people you are connected with for 24 hours, much like the stories feature on Snapchat and Instagram. You have the option to limit who may see your status to among your contacts.

Though it is unclear how voice status updates would be shown inside the app, such time restrictions and privacy settings are likely to apply to them as well. Keep an eye on this place for a formal announcement on the feature.

Analysis: Everything all of the time

When it comes to stacking new features on top of one another, WhatsApp is busier than other applications, even to the casual observer. This is true whether it’s more detailed controls for group chat admins or modified settings for your last saw status.

Setting your status is a significant element of how it evolved from a straightforward messaging app to something more comparable to a standalone social networking site. Although it isn’t quite the Facebook feed, it is getting there.

WhatsApp was able to capitalize on the move from public to private sharing: nowadays, many of us are more inclined to share images in a WhatsApp group with a select set of people than to post them all over an app like Instagram.

And that’s all good with Meta (formerly Facebook), of course; it wants to take advantage of as much of your data and app usage as it can, and WhatsApp’s ever-growing list of features is sure to entice more people to use it.

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