Wavesfactory Quantum v1.0.1

Wavesfactory Quantum v1.0.1

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File name:Wavesfactory Quantum v1.0.1
Content Source:https://www.wavesfactory.com/audio-plugins/quantum/
File Size :35MB

Quantum is an audio plugin that separates an audio signal into its attack and sustain parts.
With 16 built-in high quality effects that you can apply to each path independently.
Quantum redefines what’s possible in transient shaping.

Beyond the transient shaper
A transient shaper is an audio processor that can increase or reduce the transients or tonal parts of a signal. It has become an indispensable mixing tool on every studio.

Quantum automatically detects and classifies the transients of your signal, separating the sound in two paths: attack and sustain. The level of control you have now is unmatched, giving you the possibility to add effects to each path separately, before joining them back together.

When dealing with innovation we struggle to classify our own creations. Is Quantum a transient shaper? In a way it is, but when you compare it to a regular transient shaper you fall short, as it is so much bigger. Quantum is innovative and it doesn’t fit into a simple category.

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