To Love A Monster by S.E. Knight

To Love A Monster by S.E. Knight

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File Name:To Love A Monster by S.E. Knight
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Genre / Category:EBOOK
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Updated and Published:October 30, 2022


Orcs and humans, for centuries, lived as enemies, until the great chief Hazras fell deeply in love with a simple human maiden of Fairhorn. Their union broke the hatred and began the beautiful tradition of the warrior orcs taking a human as their mate. This tradition remained unbroken for more than two hundred until the young Chief Daegon refused to take a mate. His heart nor his eyes falling for any of the young maidens of the village. His indecision angered the elders of his village but Daegon refused to bend to their will. He did not want to force himself to love another, he wanted to feel true love in the same way his parents had. Daegon feared that after several lonely years he would forever be doomed to be alone. Doomed to forever bring unworthy maidens into his bed for meaningless sex. His entire world changed one fateful afternoon when the choice to lie lazily by the river. Aylin was unlike any maiden he had ever seen, a maiden so beautiful, that the very air from his lungs disappeared.
Daegon was determined to have her, no matter the cost, even if it meant traveling into the forbidden Ice Kingdom of Orydaas. Any Orc that had traveled to those mountains was never heard from again, but for his mate, Daegon was willing to risk his very soul.

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