Things 3 review: Things 3 helps you sort out things

Things 3 review: Things 3 helps you sort out things

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Epblogs verdict

Things 3 is a wise choice if you’re looking for a useful task management program that was specifically created for Apple users. You can manage and arrange your tasks with the app’s help because it is well-designed and contains the right functionality.

Quick Summary

Things is a creation of the German software startup Cultured Code. The app was notable among the first 1000 apps released on the Apple App Store and is only available for Apple users (iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and watchOS).

After years of anticipation, Cultured Code finally published the third update to the program (Things 3) in 2017. The German business received its third consecutive Apple Design Award in the same year, recognizing its Things app as a model one for users.

The Things app, which has amassed over 3 million downloads despite being a completely paid product, is highly regarded by many users within the Apple ecosystem. We made the decision to find out if the most recent version of this to-do list software stands up to the hype,and it did.

Things 3 Plans and Pricing,Feaures

There is no free version of the Things 3 app; it is entirely purchased. One of the key benefits of the app is that it just takes a single purchase. The majority of rival to-do list applications need recurring subscriptions, which add up to greater costs over time.

Depending on the Apple device you download the software on, the pricing varies. The price for the apps for the iPhone, iWatch, and iPad is $9.99, $19.99, and $49.99, respectively. You can use the 15-day free trial period to test the app out before deciding whether or not to buy it. Notably, the app’s features are unrestricted during this time.

The standard procedure for all developers in the Apple ecosystem is to contact Apple’s App Store personnel if they need to issue a refund after a customer makes a purchase.

On whatever device you’re using, go to the Apple App Store to download Things 3. To activate the app and establish an account, you must have payment information linked to your App Store account. After that, you can use it.

The app’s adding tasks feature should be the first thing you notice. You can enter any task in the text box that is clearly visible. You can do more things with it after adding jobs, such as adding comments to give context.

Any task you add will be temporarily stored in the Inbox until you group them under a list, area, or project. For example, you can group specific tasks under “work,” “leisure,” “fitness,” and so on. You can also create reminders for every task so that the app will sound an alarm on your device when it is due 

The inclusion of Siri, which enables users to create tasks using voice commands rather than typing, is one standout feature of Things 3. The program is really simple to use because to this feature.

However, we also noticed that the app lacked teamwork. Things 3 does not allow multiple users to collaborate on projects, in contrast to many other task management apps that we have tested.

Things 3 Interface and Use

We didn’t find much to complain about when using the app. The only complaint we’ll highlight is that Things 3 is only available as an app downloaded on an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or MacBook PC. There’s no web-based interface, which many competitors offer.  

Things 3 Customer Support

If you have any problems, you can speak with Cultured Code, the company that created the app, directly. On the official website, there is a form that you may fill out and then wait for an email reply. We view the absence of live chat and phone help as a drawback.

Please take note that Cultured Code only offers direct customer service during regular business hours, which are Monday through Friday and are in German time.

Additionally, the Things 3 app has an official help page with a ton of tutorials and how-tos. When you run into problems, you should look here first before turning to direct customer assistance if you can’t find a solution there.

Things 3 The Competition

Popular alternatives to Things 3 include Habitica, TickTick, Todoist, and Microsoft To Do. Things 3 has the disadvantage of being exclusive to people who use Apple devices. On the other hand, these rival apps are usable on any device, thanks to their web-based interface.

Things 3 Final verdict

For those that utilize Apple devices, the Things 3 app is an excellent task management solution. Its user interface is slick, making it fun and simple to use. Benefits of one-time purchases include the ability to pay once and put them behind you. However, we believe it would be preferable if the Things 3 app was accessible on systems other than Apple’s, or at the very least had a web-based user interface.

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