The three apps I'm using to keep me cool through the heatwave

The three apps I’m using to keep me cool through the heatwave

I don’t have to tell you that it’s hot if you live in the UK or that you should seek shade and drink lots of water.

Since my iPhone nearly melted during previous heat waves, I’ve tried to use my electronics as little as possible right now, on July 18, when the UK is experiencing its highest temperature ever.

However, there will be occasions when I have to, such as when I go shopping, play games with friends, or have an appointment. These scenarios are all times when I’ll need to check the weather, see if I have adequate water, and more.


Available on both Android and iOS, Refill allows you to look for the nearest places to top up your water bottle, just in case you’re running on empty.

Keeping hydrated is one of the most important things you need to do in a heatwave, and it’s something I’ve made sure to do for the current heatwave and others to come.

Refill has been a great help for this, as it’s a service that can help anyone around the world for places that have Refill stations. Just walk up, have your bottle ready, and refill your bottle.

MSN Weather

Available on the Microsoft Store, MSN Weather is a great app for Windows that can allow you to look at the closest forecast, alongside checking what the following days are going to be as you’re gaming on Fortnite, Halo or anything else.

While Windows 11’s widget menu allows you to check the weather, I’ve found that having a dedicated app, similar to what I have on my iPhone, is much more helpful because I can get the detail that the Windows 11 widgets don’t offer.

Make careful to maintain your PC in a cool area nevertheless, as the temperature in the room may rise when the graphics card’s fans spin to render Sonic in its highest resolution


Despite the fact that Apple’s excellent free weather app is currently only accessible on iOS and will soon be made available to users of macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16, Carrot is the finest app for both iOS and Android users.

Depending on the subscription you’ve signed up for, you can have hourly alerts on the weather, or ones that alert you to storms and heatwaves that may be a danger to you.

On watchOS, I’ve found Carrot to be helpful when I raise my wrist, and I can find the latest UV (Ultra Violet) rating to see if I need to wear a hat. The above is a screen of my current watch face, where I can quickly glance at the current weather and UV rating.

But Carrot can go further – widgets play a big part with the app, so I can have an extra large widget take over an iPad display with all the detailed information I need for example.

Overall, it’s a solid weather app that’s going to help you out for when you need to go outside in a heatwave, and for the UK, there’s no better time to look into Carrot.

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