The latest Tor browser update bypasses internet censorship

The latest Tor browser update bypasses internet censorship

Significant improvements increase Tor usability in many countries. Bypassing Internet censorship is among one of many updates coming to version 11.5 of the Tor Browser.

Available to download from the Tor Project website, the latest version will “transform the user experience of connecting to Tor from heavily censored regions,” the company said in a release.

The latest update can now automatically apply the right bridge configuration you need, based on what it thinks will work best in your location.

Tor censorship and network settings

It operates by “searching up and downloading an up-to-date list of country-specific choices to test using your location,” which, according to the Tor Project, only takes place with the user’s permission. Connection Assist is at version 1.0, therefore until further upgrades, its capabilities and usefulness could be slightly restricted.

The business said that the prior significant update to the browser’s ability to circumvent Tor Network censorship required a manual procedure that was “confusing.”

It “placed a burden on censored users… to figure out what option to pick,” the company said.

The Project has made considerable modifications to the manual interface, which many users will find more appealing, even though it anticipates that the majority of its customers will utilize the new, automated Connection Assist tool.

Things like connection statuses and bridges are now more accessible on the redesigned Tor Network settings page, now called Connection settings, and it is claimed that the whole settings area has been more efficiently organized.

Tor browser for Android

According to the organization’s statement, the Android version of its browser has recently lagged behind, receiving few of the capabilities that are available on the desktop versions.

A revised plan will prioritize more frequent updates, as well as working to solve app crashes and bringing the application closer to Firefox’s Android app, Fenix, which is the foundation for Tor.

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