Synology C2 (2022) review: your digital safe

Synology C2 (2022) review: your digital safe

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Epblogs verdict

Synology C2 is a comprehensive and easy-to-use cloud software for storing your most precious data. This digital safe is unbreakable.

Quick Summary

Synology is perhaps best known for their NAS server and hard drives. Although the majority of these solutions concentrate on the physical storage of data, Synology is also constructing a robust ecosystem in the cloud. Synology wants to make it possible for you to store all types of data, from documents to passwords, under one account so that you don’t have to use various applications, under the motto “A cloud for everything.”

You can combine the several apps that make up Synology C2. Synology C2 Backup, C2 Password, and C2 Transfer are examined.

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Synology C2 Installation and setup

Through Synology C2 Backup, where you can browse the many services, you can sign up for the cloud software. You are not required to subscribe to anything, of course. When you sign up, you create your own package, and you may access your account at any moment to cancel your subscription or add new services.

It’s crucial to be aware that when you sign up for an account, you’ll get a code that acts as a key to decrypt your data. We advise that you save these securely. Why, you’ll get to see that later.

Synology C2 Backup

To reduce the danger of data loss, you can never have too many backup copies of your data. Making both physical and cloud backups is advised; the Synology C2 is for the latter. On-premises and cloud menus make up the dashboard. Although you must install the operating system on each device, you can theoretically connect an infinite number of computers via the on-premise menu.

Since Windows 7, all Windows systems have access to that; a program for Mac has recently been released, but it is still in preview. You may actually use the application to copy every aspect of your Windows system, including all of your system configurations and PC-stored data.

Even an external hard disk can be copied to the cloud. Through the settings, you can create your own backup schedule. Your system can be cloned every day or at specific times, such when your computer is turned on. You can also choose how many versions back in time or how long backup files are retained (with a minimum of 7 days). The menus are straightforward to understand and use.

The cloud menu functions in a largely similar manner, however it duplicates your files in OneDrive. Microsoft accounts from your personal and professional lives can be linked. Synology may eventually introduce compatibility for additional well-known cloud providers like Google Drive and Dropbox.

OneDrive regularly does backups, which are stored indefinitely unless you specify a time restriction. (This place at least six months). Backups will never be removed without your consent. You must input your encryption key in order to restore your data. Three alternative pricing options are available for Synology C2 Backup: the basic plan with 500 GB costs 34.99 euros annually, 2 TB costs 99.99 euros annually, and 5 TB costs 249.99 euros annually.

Synology C2 Password

The Synology password manager shows itself as a typical password manager with the familiar features. Before canceling your account and importing your passwords into C2 Password if you are switching from another program, you can export all of your passwords as a CVS file.

You’ll do a lot less manual labor now. Additionally, the program accomplishes your expectations. There is a clear categorization of passwords. Automatic password filling and password creation are both features of C2 Password for new accounts.

Personally, I prefer the user interface of other password managers, such as 1Pass or LastPass, and C2 Password isn’t my top pick for a standalone password manager. But there’s no denying that the program is a fantastic addition to C2 Backup and that it functions as a full-fledged password manager.

There is a free plan and a paid option for Synology C2 Password. In contrast to the free edition, which also offers all the essential features, paid customers can share their account with up to five additional people. The application may be downloaded as a browser extension and is also available for iOS and Android.

Synology C2 Transfer

This service serves as a substitute for WeTransfer and allows you to send files securely. You merely enter the recipient’s email address and upload the file to your server. You can choose up to 20 email addresses at once, and the largest file size that can be uploaded is 20 GB. A link is then generated by C2 Transfer, which you can copy and transmit through email. The duration of the files’ availability is then indicated by the link, which can be up to 90 days.

By asking someone to upload a file to your C2 server, you use the opposite approach with File Requests. Then, in order to access your server, that person needs ask for a code. Everything happens in a tightly controlled setting so that you may monitor the upload request through the control panel. There is no free version of C2 Transfer, and the entry-level plan would set you back 99.99 euros annually.

Synology C2 Security & GDPR

You will store extremely sensitive data in Synology C2. Thus, security is of the utmost importance. Thus, Synology has firmly argued that this is the correct approach. Behind a multi-layered security wall, your files are concealed.

Your login and password make up the top layer. Since that can be broken, you can set up two-step verification using the Synology Secure SignIn app or your cell number. Files are safeguarded with 256-bit AES encryption, which you can only bypass with your personal code, in case that isn’t enough to deter burglars.

Did we mention that you must keep this code safe at all costs? Although having to enter the code each time you go between an app can be inconvenient, Synology did not want to take any chances.

It’s also interesting to consider how Synology manages our data in terms of security. According to the GDPR regulations, users’ data from Europe must be stored on European soil. You have the option to choose a data center as a user. For its European users, Synology operates a data center in Frankfurt.


A highly complete cloud storage option is Synology C2. There are no fewer than eight separate components in the ecosystem overall, including two hybrid solutions and six cloud-native applications. Each of those programs operates flawlessly on its own, but an ecosystem’s power comes from fusing many components into a cohesive whole. With Synology C2, one cloud handles all of your needs.

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