Spotify and Apple Music could face major competition...from TikTok?

Spotify and Apple Music could face major competition…from TikTok?

TikTok Music could be the next big music streaming service. TikTok may be working on a rival to Spotify and Apple Music, based on a new trademark application its parent company ByteDance just filed in the US.

The brand belongs to a platform named TikTok Music. The trademark application explicitly states that it will be a competitor to the top music streaming services in the world, in addition to the name’s implication.

TikTok Music is described by ByteDance as a computer and smartphone application that “allows users to purchase, play, share [and] download music” in addition to providing access to non-downloadable (read: streaming) audio and video.

That’s a Spotify and Apple Music clone description if we ever heard one.

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ByteDance has also stated that the service features advertising services, possibly alluding to the existence of a free tier that is financed by advertisements similar to Spotify’s. If Microsoft releases the service at all, we’ll have to wait and see what it announces.

Although it’s quite likely that TikTok Music will launch soon, we shouldn’t consider this trademark as a promise. ByteDance may decide to abandon its intentions for the service, and it may also run into issues with other governments.

US and UK lawmakers have already voiced their concerns about TikTok and its ties to China. ByteDance may no longer be able to function in some regions of the world if these concerns aren’t allayed.

If that happens we can say bye-bye to TikTok and any potential expansion plans like TikTok Music.

TikTok Music could change the game, again

However, TikTok Music seems like a relatively natural next step for the social media startup, assuming there are no hiccups along the way. Due to dancing and meme trends taking over song snippets and making them go viral, TikTok is one of the finest places to get new music.

Our own Daryl Baxter even used the app to rework his wedding playlist.

In light of this, TikTok Music would probably make it much simpler to access the entire versions of popular songs – particularly if you’re looking for a cover or a remix rather than the original song. Users might be able to hit a few buttons on TikTok and instantly be directed to the complete track on TikTok Music rather than having to sift through track lists on competing services.

If we’re lucky, TikTok Music may even incorporate some of the platform’s originality. The trademark talks about allowing users to alter audio and video, maybe allowing users to make and share their own remixes and music videos.

The events of the upcoming weeks and months will have to wait, but Apple and Spotify will need to be on the lookout. The user bases of these other applications may soon be absorbed by TikTok, which is already displacing Google Maps as the greatest way to identify new places to visit.

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