Sims 4 update introduces character Wants and it turns out they really want incest

Sims 4 update introduces character Wants and it turns out they really want incest

Right now, The Sims 4 is the Wild West of love: An update has unintentionally revealed that sims have been wanting to bump ugly with family members all along.

The Sims 4 cheats are no longer necessary to make bizarre and wholly inappropriate matches. High School Never Ends’ weekly update has already done the hard work for you. The former whims system has been replaced in the game with Wants & Fears. The Sims also aspire to be completely Targaryen. They might simply be extremely excited for House of the Dragon.

Sims have been attempting to WooHoo their own family members due to a glitch in the patch. Additionally, they are aging very quickly, which may be the reason behind their urgent attempt to have a sexual relationship with anyone before they pass away from old age. Reddit posts that PC Gamer discovered demonstrate how unappealing the problem is making things. Additionally, Twitter users are sharing their experiences with the problem, such as the one below.

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Incest is on the way out-cest

Thankfully, the devs are already on the case. Sims 4 quality designer, @SimGuruNick on Twitter, says “I just wanted to acknowledge that the Want to date a family member is something we know about.”

They add that they’ve reproduced it themselves and are working on a fix. So keep your sims away from any family members that are too sexy for their own damn good for now. 

The aging bug is also on the devs’ radar, with the official The Sims account offering a workaround in a tweet. Apparently, the bug is prevalent in saves using short and long lifespans. So for now, the advice is to temporarily play in or create a new save with the default ‘normal’ lifespan. At least until they get it figured out.

Bugs resulting in incestuous sims aren’t new by the looks of things. From as recently as four months ago to as far back as three years, it’s popped up every now and then. But this is much more widespread. 

At least you won’t have to endure a prolonged uncomfortable feeling while observing your sims glancing at their relatives. However, kudos to this Reddit user who can now live the sim-cest dream without the aid of modifications . Wherever you are, I hope you’ve run into this bug and are having the time of your life with the Sims.

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