Sick of notifications? This Casio Pro Trek digital watch helps you unplug outdoors

Sick of notifications? This Casio Pro Trek digital watch helps you unplug outdoors

It’s also made from eco-friendly biomass plastic. Casio has unveiled the Casio Pro Trek PRG-340 range, a collection of three new adventure watches with easy-to-read compass, barometric, and altimeter graphics. 

The watches are equipped with Casio’s Tough Solar charging technology and 10ATM water resistance, are easy to read in sunlight, and are designed to help you navigate your way through the wilderness with old-school orienteering techniques, rather than the GPS offered on the best smartwatches.

The casings, backs, rotating bezels, and straps of two of the three watches, the PRG-340-1 and PRG-340-3, are made of Casio’s biomass plastic, a polymer created from renewable basic materials castor seeds and corn. The third model, the PRG-340-7, contains components made of titanium alloy.

The components of the watch that join the straps to the case are known as the metal lugs. These lugs are hinged to allow the watch to lie fully flat, making it ideal for laying over a map and employing its compass function more efficiently. Normally, these are slightly elevated to better match the contours of a wrist.

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Additionally, the watch has dual-layer LCD panels that are made to be easily readable outside. The top layer displays the compass, while the bottom layer shows the time, date, barometer, and altimeter readings. You can record compass readings and match your destination with them using a spinning bezel. View the announcement in the video below.

Analysis: What’s old is new again

Although the Casio Pro Trek may be able to charge by solar power like some of the greatest Garmin watches, it won’t be able to accurately track your runs, rides, swims, or sleep, nor will it be able to provide high-end GPS navigation.

In our more connected society, there is no doubt that the drive toward becoming analog is gaining momentum. Thanks to G-SHOCK and Casio’s attempts to maintain the trend and make it fashionable, digital watches are making a comeback in the streetwear and fitness sectors. However, this most recent Pro Trek entry has substance as well as style, and it embodies the entire reason why digital watches are experiencing this wonderful second life.

Every day, we are pressed with notifications and online connections. There’s no need to get lost if you’re going on an expedition because we all have GPS in our cars, phones, and wristbands. Maybe it’s making us complacent.

Why not embrace your inner explorer and disconnect with an antiquated digital watch made to work in harmony with maps and the sun if you’re really seeking to get out into nature for a weekend of serious adventuring? Your phone can always be hidden and kept in your top backpack in case of emergencies.

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