Remember the Milk review: Extensive third-party integration

Remember the Milk review: Extensive third-party integration

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Epblogs verdict

An efficient task management and to-do list app called Remember the Milk. It is simple to use and does the job extremely effectively.

Quick Summary

In 2004, Emily Boyd and Omar Kilani, two Australian businesspeople, founded Remember the Milk. These business owners wanted to create an app to assist them avoid forgetfulness because they were dissatisfied with it. According to the legend, milk was one item they frequently neglected, which served as the basis for the name of their app.

Although it was founded in Australia, the present headquarters of Remember the Milk are in San Francisco, California, USA. Around the world, the company has employees who work remotely. The app says it has more than 6 million users.

Remember the Milk is frequently praised as a superior work management tool. We made the decision to test whether the to-do list app lived up to the hype for ourselves, and it pretty much did.

Remember the Milk Plans and Pricing

Remember the Milk provides a free version that anyone can sign up for, like the majority of task management apps. In contrast to the app’s premium version, which you must purchase, this version has limitations. If you want a straightforward to-do list app without sophisticated task management tools, the free edition is perfect. You can use it to test out the app’s user interface before deciding whether to upgrade to the premium version.

On Remember the Milk, there is only one premium package, the Pro plan, which has an annual fee of $39.99. You have 14 days after the purchase to ask for a

Remember the Milk Features

Making an account is the first step in utilizing Remember the Milk, and it’s simple to do so. You can register with your existing Google or Facebook account, your email address (opens in new tab), or both.

The application immediately takes you to your task management dashboard after you successfully register. The first function that stands out is the ability to add tasks. There is a text box that is clearly visible where you may enter and add any job. Under this text bar, there are a few buttons for adding particular properties to the task.

The first button lets you add a due date to a task. After adding this due date, you can set a reminder, so that the app will alert you as to when due. The second button is to add a start date to the task. The third is to add a priority level (1-3) to the task to determine how much the app emphasizes it. 

The fourth button is to add a list or tag to a task to help you sort them out later. For example, you group tasks under “leisure,” “personal,” and “work” tags. You can also add a location to any task.

You can still add a group of subtasks to an existing task after adding it. The ability to post comments, a useful tool for teamwork, allows you to contextualize or explain a task.

An outstanding Keep in mind that one advantage of Milk is the ability to collaborate with other users. The software is perfect for usage in the workplace because you may invite other users to collaborate with you on particular projects. For instance, a manager in an office can use the app to create and assign specific tasks to their employees. When a task is over, these subordinates can simply mark it on the app.

Remember the Milk Interface and in Use

Navigating through Remember the Milk was very easy during our test. As a new user, the app even provides tutorials to get you familiar with its ins and outs. You can use it through the web interface or download the iOS or Android mobile app. 

Remember the Milk Support

If you run into any problems, you can speak with Remember the Milk’s customer service agents immediately. On the official website, there is a form that can be used for this. Complete it, then wait for an email reply. Be aware that Remember the Milk gives paying subscribers priority in the customer service queue over free users.

Additionally, the app’s official Help Center provides user manuals and responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs). The Help Center should always be your first stop, and you should only contact customer support directly if it cannot resolve your problem.

Remember the Milk The Competition

Popular alternatives to Remember the Mil include, WorkFlowy, and Toodledo. Remember the Milk’s primary advantage over these competitors is its affordable pricing.

Remember the Milk Verdict

Your ability to handle tasks effectively with a platform like Remember the Milk can greatly increase your output. The software provides all the capabilities you could possibly need to manage and organize your schedule. It is simple to use and moderately priced for the capabilities it offers. The main issue we found is their customer service, which we believe might use significant improvement.

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