Reason RE Kilohearts Reverb [v1.0.5]-DECiBEL

Reason RE Kilohearts Reverb [v1.0.5]-DECiBEL Download

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Reason RE Kilohearts Reverb [v1.0.5]-DECiBEL – FREE DOWNLOAD

Reverbs, simulating the millions of tiny echoes that naturally bounce off the walls in a room, have become an central part in glueing together sounds in a song. There are likely few tracks today that don’t contain reverb in any form.

The kHs Reverb is a simple but powerful reverb, which helps you to quickly tune in the character you want.

– High quality reverberation simulation

Product Description:
The Reverb adds the sense of space to any sound by emulating the sound bouncing off the walls in a physical room.

– Decay – The reverberation time, i.e. the time it takes for the reverb to go silent after sound has passed through it.
– Dampen – Adds damping to high frequencies so that they decay faster than low frequencies.
– Size – Adjust the size of the virtual room that reverb simulates. Ranges from closet to church.
– Width – Adjusts the stereo width of the reverb. At 100% the left and right channels are completely uncorrelated in the wet sound.
– Early – Adjusts the balance between early and late reflections. A higher value will give a brighter and more responsive reverb.
– Mix – The dry/wet mix of this effect. A lower value will let some of the unmodified signal through.

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