Reason RE Kilohearts Delay [v1.0.10]-DECiBEL

Reason RE Kilohearts Delay [v1.0.10]-DECiBEL Download

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Reason RE Kilohearts Delay [v1.0.10]-DECiBEL – FREE DOWNLOAD

While large echoing cavernous chambers seldom are the first pick for a good acoustic space, Delay effects have been ubiquitous in sound processing for a long time.

The kHs Delay can be run both free running and tempo synced with various stereo and feedback options. Most notable however is the duck feature, which optionally only lets the echoed sound through when there is no dry input signal. This allows for long and heavy delay while still avoiding clutter over the original sound. Clever!

– Versatile delay
– “Ducking” feature

Product Description:
The Delay will delay the input signal for an echoing effect.

– Delay – The amount of time beore the delayed sound starts playing. This will be expressed in milliseconds or as parts of a beat, depending on the Unit setting.
– Unit – When Unit is set to ‘Sync’ the delay time will be synchronized to the song tempo.
– Feedback – The feedback setting will cause the delayed sound to feed back into the delay. This will create an exponentially decaying echo.
– Duck – When duck is turned up, the output volume from the delay will automatically be lowered when the input volume is high.
– Pan – Adjust the panning of the delayed sound.
– Ping-Pong – Swaps the left and the right channel of the delayed sound when it is fed back into the delay. When combined with panning this will make the echo bounce back and forth between the speakers.
– Mix – The dry/wet mix of this effect. A lower value will let some of the unmodified signal through.

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