PSA: the Google Pixel 6's best feature actually works on any photo

PSA: the Google Pixel 6’s best feature actually works on any photo

One of the Google Pixel 6‘s key selling points is its camera software, and the Magic Eraser function, which was a key selling point for the Pixel when it was first introduced, is a perfect illustration of it.

With Magic Eraser, you can choose which background items in your images to delete digitally. Artificial intelligence (AI) fills in the blanks to eliminate any unwanted objects from your photos, such as people, stray branches, or animals.

However, not many people are aware of a crucial aspect of Magic Eraser. Even though a Pixel 6 series phone is required for it to function, any photograph may be used with the effect.

Google Photos to the rescue

You would be correct to assume that a Pixel 6 is required to utilize Google’s Magic Eraser feature, but logically, you would also assume that the trick could only be applied to photos shot with a phone.

But that’s not the case. You must use the Google Photos app in order to edit a photo using it, but you can also edit earlier photos that are kept in Photos, as I just learned when I launched this application and saw older photos.

Additionally, you may still edit photos that you import into Google Photos from your computer or another smartphone. All you have to do is make sure you modify your Pixel.

This may be useful if you’ve ever taken a photo that was otherwise beautiful but was destroyed by anything in the backdrop, or if you have many devices and want to make sure you can remove distracting objects from pictures shot on other ones.

So it’s not about the camera

It appears that no data from the Pixel’s camera is really utilized in the AI cropping. Instead, Photos just scans the image to determine what should be used to fill in the blanks.

For instance, if you try to remove anything from a field of grass, the function will detect the grass nearby and replicate the textures across. The same is true, for instance, for celestial or underwater objects.

The phone occasionally has trouble determining what belongs in the background when you try to delete an object that crosses a border, therefore this causes problems.

In essence, Magic Eraser is a little less effective version of Content-Aware Fill in Adobe Photoshop. While Photoshop is undoubtedly not free, Magic Eraser is if you possess a Pixel.

The Google Pixel phones are still excellent gadgets, and because Magic Eraser works on photos taken with cameras other than Pixels, they’re a great addition to other camera phones.

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