Optus NBN review

Optus NBN review

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Epblogs verdict

While Optus’ pricing is above average in most of its tiers, its NBN 250 offering is one of the best for both value and speed. Download speed performance and reliability are great across the board, and the option to add extras like a Netflix subscription could make some of its plans more worthwhile for larger households.

How do I sign up for Optus NBN?

Getting signed up to Optus NBN is simple, especially if you already know which plan is the best for your needs. If you want to get started on the NBN with Optus, it’s a straightforward process:

  • Find the right plan in the table below
  • Check that your address is eligible for Optus NBN
  • Choose between a month-to-month plan or a 24-month contract
  • Select any additional extras like a Fetch set-top box
  • You’re done!

How long it takes to activate your NBN service with Optus is a bit of a guessing game. If your NBN connection has already been installed in your home, switching over to Optus should be fast, but if you have to wait for a technician, it may take a few weeks or months – Optus will let you know when to expect your NBN to become available after you order.

You’ll be sent an email confirmation and an SMS with your installation date, and a few days later Optus will deliver your included Wi-Fi modem to your address. From there, it’s just a matter of giving technicians access on the installation date to connect the NBN if needed, and hooking up your Wi-Fi modem to the NBN connection point in your home.

Performance and typical evening speeds

  • Maxed-out typical evening speeds on NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans
  • ACCC report shows low outages with quick resolution
  • Reporting also shows average speeds are above what’s promised

As we’ve mentioned, Optus offers maxed-out typical evening speeds on its NBN 50 and 100 plans, which is fairly common these days, especially at the NBN 50 level, which is by far the most popular speed tier in Australia.

While the 240Mbps typical evening speed promised by Optus on its NBN 250 plan is above average and rather solid, the 300Mbps evening speed on its NBN 1000 plan is low-to-middling.

With that said, Optus is reliably performing the best (or close to it) when it comes to delivering the speed it promises, as the ACCC’s reporting reveals, managing on average to hit slightly above its advertised typical evening speeds consistently.

As for reliability, Optus is one of the providers (of those measured) least likely to experience outages, and when they do occur, only around 20-30% of them last longer than 3 minutes and about 10% longer than 10 minutes. As for latency, Optus is consistently performing at or above average, with about 10-11ms even during busy hours.

Customer support

  • Optus NBN technical support: 133 937
  • Optus customer service: 133 937
  • Optus sales team: 1300 417 220

Optus has a few contact options, like the 133 937 number for both technical support and customer service, but the telco is largely trying to get its customers to use one of its messaging services.

You can contact Optus via its live chat option, but for those that use its My Optus mobile app, there’s a messaging option there that has the advantage of not needing to wait online in a browser window – instead, the support member will get back to you in much the same way as you’d receive a text message or other instant message.

Before calling or messaging Optus, it’s a good idea to check out the support page, in case your problem can be solved in one of its many troubleshooting and help sections, which have a solid amount of detail as well as video walkthroughs where applicable.

Optus Ultra Wi-Fi modem

The Optus Ultra Wi-Fi modem comes with 4G backup, with capped speeds of 25Mbps. It’s included in your plan for free; the catch is that you’ll need to sign up – and stay with – the Optus plan for 36 months. Basically, it’s enabled with ‘Connect Protect technology’, which pops you onto the Optus 4G network if there’s a problem with your NBN connection for whatever reason.

To buy it outright, it’ll cost you $252, so it ain’t cheap – in fact it’s the most expensive branded option for a modem coming from a major provider.

It also struggles to cover large spaces, so it’s worth comparing a few modems to find one that suits your needs.

With Optus NBN plans, if you’re looking for more add-ons, you can also opt to include a Wi-Fi booster to help boost the coverage of your connection and Optus Wi-Fi Secure, which can help protect against online threats. Some plans even have these included, but like the modem, you’ll need to stay connected for a full 36 month plan.

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