Nintendo Switch Online adds the best Kirby game you've never played

Nintendo Switch Online adds the best Kirby game you’ve never played

A well-rounded choice Heads up, puzzlers. The latest Nintendo Switch Online update has brought an obscure, albeit excellent, Kirby game to the service.

You may now stream Kirby’s Avalanche if you have Nintendo Switch Online access thanks to the service’s digital SNES collection. It’s not likely the first SNES Kirby game that comes to mind, but Puyo Puyo, a popular blob matching puzzler, is where it gets its inspiration. But it’s undoubtedly one of the most original and enjoyable.

Fighting game Fighter’s History for the SNES and the shooter Daiva Story 6 for the NES join Kirby’s Avalanche. The latter has a lot of Japanese language, but because it’s a shoot-’em-up, it may still be played by English-speaking players.

The next time you launch the SNES and NES applications on the Nintendo Switch, you’ll be requested to download the update. The games will then be added to the top of each app’s menu, ready for you to play stream.

Kirby saves us from a sucky line-up

I don’t much care for the games released this month that aren’t Kirby’s Avalanche. The mysterious adventure of the pink blob in a circle, though, is definitely worth seeing. That’s largely due to its origins in the possessed by the demon Puyo Puyo.

Kirby’s Avalanche is brimming with endearingly vibrant graphics and tremendously enjoyable puzzle gameplay that hasn’t aged a day. Not to mention the hysterically funny one-liners Kirby lobs at his foes in cutscenes. Overall, it’s yet another top-notch puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch.

The older games available on the Switch are still a long way from the Wii and Wii U Virtual Console era. Nevertheless, it’s wonderful to see more obscure games and undiscovered gems added to Nintendo Switch Online.

Another month, another mediocre offering?

However, it is a two-edged sword. These types of games won’t appeal to everyone. And it’s fairly pitiful how few SNES and NES games are introduced each month. especially in light of the vast number of games that these consoles have. The retro applications have a somewhat wild west air thanks to the meager number of games added each month.

With the selection of N64 titles available on the Expansion Pack tier of Nintendo Switch Online, there is thankfully a sense of increased consistency. Even though we now only receive one a month, these are frequently well-liked books that appeal to fans right away.

The NES and SNES collections are still functional, at the very least. And that is unquestionably advantageous. I only hope Nintendo doesn’t abandon the entire thing once more when its next console is released.

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