Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Review

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Review

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The exciting Monster Hunter Rise expansion Sunbreak enhances the outstanding base game by introducing fresh animals and entertaining new attacking and defensive strategies.

  • Games Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Games Genre: Action, RPG
  • ESRB Rating: T for Teen

Fans continue to return to the series with each new release thanks to the hard gameplay, creative monster designs, and intricate mechanics, and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak from Capcom is no exception. Although the $39.99 Monster Hunter Rise DLC for the Nintendo Switch doesn’t significantly change the Monster Hunter concept, those who enjoy the main game should definitely get it.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak It Gets Harder

If you haven’t played Monster Hunter Rise, read our review to learn more about the game’s controls, monsters, and other entertaining features. We won’t dwell on that too much in this article because we want to highlight the unique features that Sunbreak expansion creator Capcom included.

Capcom is aware of what Monster Hunter fans anticipate from future additions. Each game starts off with a manageable degree of difficulty, and then Capcom releases the G-rank expansion, which warms up those sluggish carts for players of all skill levels.

With Sunbreak, Capcom debuts Master Rank, which modifies the skills of several creatures from the original game to make them more difficult. It’s good to see a game that doesn’t simply add more health and damage to make things harder. To combat the modified creatures, you must instead fundamentally adapt your playstyle.

Sunbreak’s Monsters and Locations

Of course, the game isn’t simply focused on slaying modified versions of the same creatures from Rise; there are also a ton of difficult new enemies to face (though many of them have been in other Monster Hunter games such as Monster Hunter World). There are villains like the werewolf-like Lunagaron, the Frankenstein’s Monster-inspired Garangolm, and the vampire-inspired Malzeno.

Additionally, Capcom brought back beloved characters from the franchise including Shogun Ceanatuar, Espinas, and Gore Magala. There are more species, but we’ll let you go through the game’s well-known Key Quest advancement system to find out the monster roster for yourself.

Unfortunately, you won’t meet the new monsters until you progress relatively far in the game. Capcom structured Sunbreak’s story in a way that sees you mainly fighting creatures from the base game with their modified attack patterns, before throwing anything new at you.

It would have been nice to see a brand new (or at least a returning favorite) right off the bat, but at least knowing they’re waiting for you should be enough to keep you going, especially if you enjoy the Monster Hunter combat systems.

A Monster Hunter expansion wouldn’t be complete without brand-new areas to discover, including the Citadel and Jungle. The new places are welcome, but neither really strike out as very unique settings. The new hub city Elgado shares the same characteristics.

It’s pretty forgettable until you figure out where all the significant NPCs hang out. Longtime players may enjoy the Easter eggs that are present, but in the end, the region is primarily used as a location to pick up missions and eat before moving on to your next search.

There are also new buddies. To aid you in your searches, Sunbreak gained a number of extra indigenous life types. You’ll encounter brand-new Thornytoads, Spearsquids, Slicercrabs, Marionette Spiders, and Starburst Bugs. Although each has unique advantages, we really liked the Marionette Spider. You may drag monsters along or bash them against walls using its silk, much like you would when mounted.

Sunbreak’s Gameplay Updates

The option to configure two separate Switch Skills with the recently added Switch Skill Swap is one of the greatest gameplay changes. You may increase the number of moves you have available for each battle and really customize each sort of weapon. It has significant battle advantages.

Additionally, Sunbreak features a new dodge strategy. Swap Evade, which is only available after a successful Switch Skill Swap, allows you to dodge a monster’s assault rapidly. This provides you another reason to use the switch method because it always helps to have different tactics to avoid damaging hits.

Each weapon also has new Switch Skills to go along with this. These improved the already complex fighting and were tested with the hammer, long sword, great sword, and dual blades. Nevertheless, we didn’t find ourselves rotating between each set as frequently as we anticipated; instead, we persisted with the techniques that were effective. However, how you approach Monster Hunter bouts will depend on your strategy, which is one of the reasons this genre is so adored—the fighting freedom

In Sunbreak, the wirebug has received a lot of attention, with each weapon delivering fresh Silkbind attacks and maneuvers. This gives traditional monster hunts a new twist because you never know when you could learn a new strategy that fits your playstyle.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak A Skippable Story

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak tale can be completely skipped, as is customary. You relocate to Elgado to aid the kingdom in fending off rogue creatures. Nothing about the narrative distinguishes it from other Monster Hunter games; it is a well-known one. In spite of this, Sunbreak has lively characters, which adds some entertainment value to the otherwise uninteresting tale.

You Have NPC Friends Now

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you spend the majority of your time doing Hub Quests to advance the game. You can complete these quests by yourself or in groups with other people. You will advance to a Master Rank and repeat the steps until you have finished the game after you have completed the necessary number of tasks and two Urgent Quests.

However, the new Follower Quests change the game. You and a significant NPC from the game’s plot are paired up for these tasks. The majority of these tasks are optional and are only playable in single-player mode (with a few exceptions).

In these battles, the AI is really rather useful since it mounts creatures and executes powerful attacks that aid in monster destruction. Fortunately, if the NPC dies, it doesn’t reduce your overall number of tries. Although you may mostly disregard Follower Quests, we don’t advise doing so because these hunts are a lot of fun and allow you to gather lots of important monster components.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak No More Rampage Missions

The Rampage Missions were one of Monster Hunter Rise’s more contentious aspects. Sunbreak has reduced them to little more than a memory, which is advantageous. The Rampage battles were a good change of pace for Capcom, although they departed from the favored Monster Hunter fighting style. In the standard Rise game, you may still activate Rampage Missions if you missed them.

Sunbreak must be purchased if you’re a Monster Hunter enthusiast. It enhances the excellent Monster Hunter Rise formula sufficiently to make the expansion valuable. You can play for hours on end because of the grind, the extensive battle diversity provided by the enemies and weaponry, and the enjoyable gameplay. This is as excellent a spot as any for new Monster Hunter players to get into the action (just know that you must also purchase the base Monster Hunter Rise game).

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