Microsoft Teams will stop you sitting on your own like a loser

Microsoft Teams will stop you sitting on your own like a loser

“Stale” Microsoft Teams meetings will be disconnected. Thanks to a new upgrade that will soon be available, waiting impatiently for other people to join your Microsoft Teams meeting may soon become far less annoying.

The video conferencing service is developing a function that would stop “stale” Microsoft Teams meetings immediately.

This should put an end to the unpleasant situation that arises when users arrive at a meeting that has been canceled or postponed or just arrive at the wrong time or day.

Microsoft Teams meeting ends

Users will see a dialog asking them to end the call or dismiss the notification if they are the only person in a meeting that has been designated as “stale” (that is, no one else has accepted the invitation or indicated that they will be joining). This is according to the company’s entry on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap.

If no decision is made, the meeting will conclude on its own.

Although the entry states that the function is still “under development,” it is anticipated to be live in August 2022, so customers won’t have to wait too long.

When it is released, Microsoft Teams users will have access to it on the web, PC, and Mac without any visible modifications or admin rights being required.

The addition is the most recent in a long line of improvements to Microsoft Teams as the platform works to maintain a simple user experience.

Microsoft Teams will soon include a number of simple games to assist users kill time while they wait for a call to start, the firm recently said.

The company’s Casual Games platform will have a number of games that may be played to pass the time while waiting for someone to join the conversation, for instance, by playing a fast game of Connect 4.

Additionally, the business has stated that it would soon roll out 3D avatars along with more immersive Microsoft Teams meetings in the so-called “metaverse.”

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