Managed Private Cloud Hosting
Managed Private Cloud Hosting

Managed Private Cloud Hosting

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Does your business need increased security, control, and flexibility? SmartBase Solutions’ Private Cloud offers all of this and more. Our private cloud solutions are specifically designed and engineered to meet the strict compliance standards of HIPAA to ensure your data, including any private health information (PHI) is protected.

Why Managed Private Cloud

With our private cloud solutions, we can build you a custom environment specifically designed to meet your individual needs, with the flexibility for that environment to grow and evolve as your business does. We’ll manage and support your environment 24×7 allowing you to focus your time and resources on other business critical items. SmartBase Managed Private Cloud hosting solutions give you the flexibility and performance you desire with the security and compliance standards you need for your business.

What’s Included

  • Environment hosted in SmartBase Solutions HITRUST Certified Private Cloud
  • We manage everything from the Operating System down, including the patching and licensing
  • Servers are hardened to industry best practices
  • Extensive Backup and Recovery solution
  • Geographically dispersed Disaster Recovery
  • Database services are available

SmartBase Solutions’ Private Cloud eliminates single points of failure by being redundant at all layers. This includes redundant firewalls, switches, load balancers, web application firewalls, servers, and storage among others. We utilize the VMware virtualization platform to provide solutions with high availability, providing maximum up-time with little to no negative impact to your environment in the event of a hardware failure. Your environment will be backed up to separate hardware as well as tape, with geographically dispersed disaster recovery solutions available to ensure business continuity.

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