Lookout Security and Antivirus review

Lookout Security and Antivirus review

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Epblogs verdict

A multitude of safeguards against viruses, hackers, and superior privacy guards are at the heart of Lookout Mobile Security. It is expensive compared to other options, but for those worried about protecting their phone and their online identity, it can be a useful online shield.

Quick Summary

Interested in malware- and web-safety-free mobile security software? Lookout Mobile Security Basic is a basic free version that does nothing more than scan for viruses, as its name suggests.

The introductory Premium bundle includes additional alerts regarding dubious websites. The Premium Plus plan, which includes identity protection and restoration insurance, ties everything together.

Lookout Mobile Security has more than 100 million downloads and a Google Play score of 4.6. However, without any third-party evidence, its malware effectiveness is a coin flip. It doesn’t offer protection for Windows and Mac, has limited support choices, and is one of the few mobile security apps without access to a VPN.

You may use our Lookout Mobile Security review to decide if this antivirus program has the functionality and security required to protect your Android device.

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Lookout Security and Antivirus How much Costs

There are three products available from Lookout. The first of these is the Mobile Security Basic free plan, which has a limited feature set but still offers certain extras and malware detection. Its System Advisor can boost your phone’s performance and help you find a lost or stolen phone.

By paying $30 a year ($4 a month), Lookout’s Mobile Security Premium plan adds a few extras including Safe Browsing. Based on Lookout’s proprietary database, the protection is built into the app, so any browser will do. It includes Wi-Fi alerts, dark web scanning, security breach reports and a Privacy Advisor to secure your identity online.

Mobile Security Premium Plus ($100/year) has an additional layer of identity protection and monitoring. It starts with checking the web for your personal financial data, including fragments of some indicators. In the event of an identity crisis, Lookout has trained professionals and $1 million of insurance to help restore lost funds and your identity. 

While expensive for a security app, Premium Plus is a good deal at $100 a year ($10 a month) considering it protects up to five Android devices. However, the identity protection is only for one person.  

System coverage for Lookout Mobile Security goes back to Android version 5. (aka Lollipop). Although it can be used to secure a Chromebook, it does not operate on WearOS watches. Although Apple has prohibited malware scanning in the iOS version of the program, it does have a Passcode Check feature that alerts you when system software or security settings need to be updated.

For those looking for a one-stop security app for all your computers, keep looking as Lookout Mobile security lacks a Windows or Mac version.

Lookout Security and Antivirus Setup

Lookout Security and Antivirus set up quickly and without any difficulties. Giving the app our email address in exchange for a free account allowed it to run a quick check of our device and start watching for threats.

The software started with a very basic UI that contained nothing more than a status statement (in our case, “No threats discovered”), the date and time of the previous scan, and a big, comforting green checkmark to indicate that everything was in order.

There is a little more detail, if you go looking for it. Choosing Security from the menu, for instance, displays an Apps screen with a list of recent actions, and a Scan Now button to run on-demand checks. But that’s not really necessary, as Lookout Security and Antivirus will scan and warn you of risky apps and downloads as they’re accessed, so for the most part you can leave it to get on with protecting your device.

A compact Settings box gives you some control over this, by allowing you to disable the analysis of apps or downloads. That could be useful if, say, you find Lookout Security and Antivirus falsely flags one of your apps, or maybe you’re happy to have your apps scanned, but want to leave download checking to something else.

If all of this seems a little too simple, you can start a free 14-day trial of Try Premium by selecting it from the menu. Since this doesn’t begin a Google Play membership, you won’t be charged if you neglect to cancel. You gain access to all of Premium’s premium features with one quick process.

Lookout Security and Antivirus Protection

As apps are installed, Lookout Security and Antivirus scans them for malware, adware, riskware, and other potentially unwanted programs. We attempted to install F-AV Secure’s Test (a safe EICAR-based tool that lets you check the effectiveness of your anti-malware system), and sure enough, we received a warning about a potential threat. (Even though Lookout urges us to remove the app right away, we can choose to disregard the alarm for the time being, which is helpful if you’re certain it’s a false alarm.)

Performance of 250 Android security apps was evaluated in the AV-Comparatives 2019 Android Antivirus study. Included on the list was Lookout Security and Antivirus, which successfully stopped 99.6% of test threats without issuing any erroneous alerts.

Lookout was exceeded by a large number of applications (23 prevented 100% of threats), but its equal 30th place was outstanding for a free software, and it also defeated some well-known commercial products, including Malwarebytes, CheckPoint, Qihoo, Webroot, Panda, Dr. Web, IObit, Comodo, and more. Even while Lookout Security and Antivirus isn’t the greatest, it’s still effective and can help keep you safe online.

Lookout Security and Antivirus Features

The Safe Browsing feature of Lookout strives to keep you from visiting websites that provide phishing scams or harmful downloads. When we tested the app with a few sample sites, it popped up an alert in both situations while also providing us the option to continue if we were certain that this was a false alarm.

While this was looking good, there’s a problem you might easily miss. Safe Browsing works by redirecting your web traffic through a VPN connection (not one you can use yourself; it only connects to Lookout’s servers.) You can only have one VPN connection active at a time, though, and we found that if we connected via a real VPN, Safe Browsing stopped working. There were no interface alerts – they still told us Safe Browsing was active – but we could freely access sample malicious sites without Lookout noticing.

Lookout’s anti-theft features start with the ability to track the current location of all your protected devices from its web console. We only tried this once, but it worked perfectly, giving our position to within 200 feet.

The Signal Flare feature also delivered for us, sending an email with an embedded map showing our device’s location, just before its battery ran out.

A Scream feature sends a request to your device to play a loud noise, maybe useful if it’s lost.

The software also offers remote wiping and locking, but you must enable a specific Lookout setting and consent to the necessary Device Administrator rights in order to use these features. If you don’t see that choice, you might not know the remote functions aren’t enabled until it’s too late. To enable lock and wipe, go to Locate My Device > Lock and Wipe and touch Enable Lock And Wipe.

There are a few additional features, none of which are very unique but all of which have some utility. The Privacy Advisor draws attention to apps that are granted access to different private sections of your device, including as the camera, microphone, storage, location, and more. It’s helpful, but we’ve seen better, and even if it weren’t there, we wouldn’t notice. The most important component of Lookout is its antiviral; everything else may be found elsewhere. This is its best feature in our opinion.

Lookout Security and Antivirus Review Final Verdict

Lookout Mobile Security can safeguard both your phone and identity by concentrating on identity protection and privacy. It can seem a little expensive at $100 for the top plan, especially without a VPN, but it offers a lot of identity security for the money.

The best mobile security available may be found in Bitdefender Mobile Security if you do require a VPN. The efficacy of Lookout Mobile Security’s antivirus is up for debate, and its assistance is only available via email. However, Lookout Mobile Security Premium Plus offers you privacy and phone protection in one package.

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