Google Pixel 6 update adds one of the Pixel 6a's cleverest camera features

Google Pixel 6 update adds one of the Pixel 6a’s cleverest camera features

The Google Pixel 6 introduced a new feature called Magic Eraser when it first came out, allowing you to use artificial intelligence (AI) to eliminate undesired background subjects from photographs. The Pixel 6a advanced this capability even further with Camouflage mode. It turns out that the previous Pixel 6 devices will soon have this expanded mode.

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will receive an update that includes Camouflage mode when the Google Pixel 6a launches on July 28. This was confirmed to The Verge.

Magic Eraser’s camouflage mode alters the colors to make an unwanted object less noticeable rather than removing it. This is typically done by lowering the saturation. This approach is less prone to errors than the regular Magic Eraser mode driven by AI, which can frequently leave visible smudges when the AI isn’t quite able to figure out what was intended to be in the background.

Another in a long series of updates that Google has handed to its flagship phones, the new mode coming to Pixel 6 devices should give owners of those older phones a another camera tool to experiment with.

Analysis: making the Pixel 6 an even more tempting buy

Despite the Pixel 6a purportedly being a bargain model, we noted in our Google Pixel 6a review that a year of Pixel 6 price reductions had left the older phone fairly comparable in price to the more recent one.

And with Pixel 6a features finding their way over to the Pixel 6, there’s one more reason to opt for the superior older phone over its budget alternative.

That’s assuming the Google Pixel 6a’s pricing stays the same when it goes on sale. Typically, when ‘affordable’ phones like this are overvalued at launch, the firms quickly reduce the prices after only a few weeks of being available. So perhaps the Pixel 6a will become more affordable before the end of the year.

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