Google Maps update teases perfect new feature for EV drivers

Google Maps update teases perfect new feature for EV drivers

Fuel-efficient routes are coming to EVs and hybrids. Google Maps may soon adjust the route information it provides based on the type of vehicle you drive, maybe showing you a different route if you drive an electric car as opposed to a more conventional gasoline-powered vehicle.

We advise using the most energy-efficient route in our guide to using Google Maps to lower your fuel use and save money on petrol. If you select this option in addition to the standard quickest and shortest route choices, you will be guided along the path that is predicted to use the least amount of gasoline (which may, or may not also be the fastest or the shortest route).

However, the most efficient route for one type of engine might not be the best for another. So to get around this it looks like Google Maps will in the future let you select what type of engine your car uses – gas/petrol, diesel, electric, or hybrid.

That is based on Google Maps’ most recent 11.39 beta release, which (as discovered by 9to5Google) includes references to choosing your car’s engine type to receive route suggestions that are fuel-efficient. If you don’t want Google to know too much about you, you may not have to disclose this information immediately soon or at all, according to another line of code. You may also be able to alter your engine type while using the app.

This feature is still very basic and not truly useful despite being included in the most recent beta; it is instead buried deep within the app’s code. Although it’s probable that it will be developed in the future, there is no assurance that it will happen anytime soon, if at all. Even if the upcoming beta update includes this function, it will be some time before it appears in the final version of Google Maps.

Analysis: every bit counts

Fuel-efficient routing won’t drastically or instantly impact how much fuel we consume. However, when paired with other fuel-saving strategies (such wearing better tires and driving more cautiously), it may make a big impact.

This adjustment cannot come fast enough for those of us who are now paying exorbitant gas costs at the pump. Electricity prices are growing, and recharging may be time-consuming, even if gas prices aren’t a big concern for owners of electric vehicles.

Not just Google Maps but other services are considering developing unique routes for various cars. Soon, Apple Maps may suggest the ideal routes for users of electric bikes.

We want to see more businesses offering services aimed at streamlining our travels as the variety of cars on our roadways continues to expand.

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