God of War Ragnarok will take us to the biggest of the Norse realms

God of War Ragnarok will take us to the biggest of the Norse realms

Inadvertently released information about God of War Ragnarok’s first plot points confirms the game’s inclusion of all nine Norse Mythology realms.

We now have our finest glimpse yet at the narrative of the impending sequel according to a recent change to the God of War Ragnarok PlayStation Store description. Although brief, it goes beyond the newly published, even shorter announcement teaser (thanks, a gamer

It states that “Fimbulwinter is well under way.” As Asgardian armies get ready for a conflict that would supposedly end the world, Kratos and Atreus are forced to go to each of the Nine Realms in quest of answers.

“On the trip, they will encounter terrifying foes in the guise of Norse gods and monsters as well as beautiful, mythological scenery. Ragnarok’s menace is getting closer and closer. Between their personal safety and the security of the realms, Kratos and Atreus are forced to make a decision.

The description makes several inferences that Ragnarok will continue where the original game’s primary plot left off. We’ll be assisting Atreus in his quest for knowledge to better comprehend Loki’s prophesy and determine his place in Ragnarok.

As “Kratos must decide whether he will be imprisoned by the dread of repeating his errors or break free of his past to be the parent Atreus needs,” it seems like there will also be plenty of father-son bonding time.

New horizons

Ragnarok seems to be stepping up its game. Simply six of the nine Norse countries are included in God of War, and a few of those are only modest challenge regions rather than completely explorable planets.

The major area of the game that may be explored is Midgard, the mortal world. The second zone you enter is Alfheim, the home of the light and dark elves. The realm of fire, Muspelheim, has a number of arena quests, whereas Niflheim has the Mist Echoes labyrinth. In the game’s closing minutes, you also visit Jotunheim and swiftly flee from Helheim, the Norse afterlife reserved for those who die dishonorably.

It looks like God of War Ragnarok will complete the set. The final three realms are Asgard, Vanaheim, and Svartalfheim. Chief among those is Asgard – the home of the Aesir gods and the seat of power in Norse mythology. In many ways, it’s the largest and central realm of them all, where the most well-known Aesir gods live. 

It’s divided into several regions of its own. Valhalla is ruled over by Odin, so we could end up entering the golden hall. Bilskírnir, meanwhile, serves as the seat of Thor, who’s already confirmed to be appearing in the game.

Vanaheim is also important. It’s the homeland of the Vanir gods, a sorcerous pack of deities who were once at war with the Aesir. Freya – who’s set up to be Ragnarok’s chief antagonist – belongs to them. According to God of War’s lore, she was cursed by Odin to prevent her from leaving Midgard, but we might spend a fair bit of time in Vanaheim given its importance in the Aesir-Vanir conflict.

Finally, the dwarves’ home country is Svartalfheim. The two dwarven blacksmiths who aid you in the previous game, Brok and Sindri, are back in the sequel despite receiving little attention in the first one. Perhaps they’ll allow us in.

Many unanswered concerns remain, like how much of these realms we will actually see. Most likely, we’ll get to discover a new region of Midgard, and perhaps even go back to Kratos’ forest residence. Let’s hope that we can learn more about Muspelheim and Niflheim than the original game did.

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