Getting your Samsung phone repaired? This new update makes it a lot easier

Getting your Samsung phone repaired? This new update makes it a lot easier

Knowing that your mobile device, which contains sensitive apps, images, and personal data, will be in a stranger’s hands for a while without you there might make getting your smartphone serviced seem like a scary proposition.

Yes, the vast majority of repair professionals are reliable professionals, but now that Samsung phones have a new feature, you can rest easier. This feature, known as Repair Mode, is being rolled out to the company’s smartphones beginning with the Galaxy S21 series.

When activated, Repair Mode allows you to restrict access to specific smartphone features or apps. For instance, you might lock off your social media accounts or gallery apps to prevent unauthorized users from using them.

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Once Repair Mode is activated, your phone will reboot and “you won’t be able to access your personal data, such as images, messages, and accounts, and you can only use the default installed apps,” according to Samsung.

This means you can hand your smartphone over to repair companies without either worrying about your information, or having to back up and reset your phone. 

Although we know the S21 series will be the first to receive the feature, Samsung hasn’t specified a timeframe as to when that mobile family, or following ones, may expect to gain access to Repair Mode. It is unclear when this update will be available for customers’ handsets. Despite this, we anticipate Samsung will release its improvements in phases, as is customary in the business world.

Analysis: a good time to get a Samsung phone

Samsung has been surprisingly generous in 2022, with multiple updates bringing new features to its smartphones. Sure, the company has a habit of bringing the latest functionality from its flagship phones to older models soon after launch, but we’ve seen more this year.

For example, the company recently launched the Photoshop-esque Enhance-X app, which lets you use AI to fix photos, even those you didn’t originally take on a Samsung phone.

It seems that Samsung is taking a page out of Google’s book, which has previously been good at bringing new tools and features to Pixel phones with its regular Pixel Feature Drops.

It’s a really good time to buy a new phone from Samsung because of this and the company’s assurance that its most recent models will receive four years of software updates. If you want to browse our list of the best Samsung phones, you can do so, but our list of the best Android phones will allow you to compare Samsung with its competitors.

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