Galaxy S22 Ultra is surprisingly popular, and Samsung may cancel a phone to prioritize it

Galaxy S22 Ultra is surprisingly popular, and Samsung may cancel a phone to prioritize it

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra tops our list of the greatest smartphones, but perhaps it’s too excellent as it appears like a different Samsung phone was shelved solely so the company could produce more Ultra models.

This information is from the Korean website The Elec, which based its story on the fate of the Samsung Galaxy S22 FE on data from supply chain sources. According to various sources, this forthcoming Android phone has been canceled. It was supposed to be a less expensive version of the Galaxy S22.

According to the website, Samsung’s decision to prioritize the S22 Ultra when it comes to manufacturing smartphone chipsets is to blame for the cancellation of the Galaxy S22 FE. Given that we are currently experiencing a silicon shortage, it appears that Samsung was unable to produce enough chips for the FE as well.

However, they typically share the same chipsets, so Samsung can easily use the stock it had prepared for the S22 FE on the S22 Ultra instead. Fan Edition phones typically have lower specifications than their full-fat siblings, especially in the camera and design sectors.

We can only presume that Samsung was caught off guard by the S22 Ultra’s success; otherwise, it wouldn’t have planned for an S22 FE in the first place, knowing that it wouldn’t have enough chipset supply for both. Samsung’s S22 Ultra is a stylus-equipped smartphone.

Analysis: an intriguing shift to the expensive

It’s a little unexpected that Samsung is discontinuing its mid-range phone in favor of its more pricey one given the present cost of living problem that is affecting several nations.

You only need to look at Apple’s iPhone SE or Google’s Pixel A lines for evidence that mid-range versions of premium devices have the potential to be fairly popular with many phone series.

A recurring problem with Samsung’s Galaxy FE phones is that they provide similar experiences to the average members of its more cheap A line, but are far more expensive.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 came out just months after the S21 FE launched, yet had a much more competitive price and specs list, for example – it’s no wonder that Samsung has doubts about the S22 FE.

Additionally, despite the high cost of living, it appears that phone enthusiasts are still willing to spend enormous sums of money on aspirational cellphones. Just take a look at how popular iPhones are today despite their exorbitant price.

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