Free Samsung Galaxy update turns your handset into an even better camera phone

Free Samsung Galaxy update turns your handset into an even better camera phone

Samsung has a new editing app If you own a Samsung phone, there’s now one more way to take fantastic pictures on your mobile, and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Galaxy Enhance-X, a new software from the firm that you can download on Samsung smartphones through the Galaxy store, is free to use, but it does require 123MB of free space, which isn’t all that much.

As an AI upscaling and editing tool, Galaxy Enhance-X provides a number of features that can assist improve the fidelity of your photographs.

It may increase a photo’s resolution and clarity, repair fuzzy objects in the picture, fix scene flaws, and do more traditional adjustments like brightness and HDR (high dynamic range) modification.

Galaxy Enhance-X, Samsung’s take on a mobile Photoshop, allows you to correct mistakes in your photo in a way that neither the built-in Gallery app nor Google Photos can. It’s also a fresh, functionally-improving free alternative to several potent commercial applications that allows customers to save money without sacrificing quality.

You might not encounter many problems with your photographs taken directly from the camera app on most Samsung phones, but if you do, this new application may be able to assist.

Good for non-Samsung photos

Enhance-X is a highly useful application for repairing grainy photos that you might have imported from earlier phones because it works with any photo on your Samsung phone, not just shots taken with the device’s camera.

The idea of applying this AI-enhanced editing to older images is a potent one since it allows for the resuscitation of fading family photos and the higher-quality preservation of memories that you might wish to print out.

Simply email yourself these photos through cloud storage, a USB connection, wirelessly, or through a messaging app, and you can then upscale and improve them using artificial intelligence (AI), just like any other photo that is currently on your phone.

Although this isn’t a significant update that will alter how you use your Samsung Galaxy, we can see its potential as a well-liked tool for photographers. Additionally, since it just takes up a little amount of storage space on your device, there is no risk in downloading it. It could even improve the images taken with your excellent smartphone camera.

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