Foxit PDF Editor 12 review

Foxit PDF Editor 12 review

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Epblogs verdict

For companies that frequently need to manipulate, edit, redact, and otherwise change PDFs, Foxit PDF Editor 12 is a wonderful program. Although its main functionality is excellent, it could be preferable to choose a less expensive alternative if you’re more of a casual user.

Quick Summary

A limited PDF editor will hinder productivity and put the breaks on otherwise effective procedures. Editing PDFs can be crucial for enterprises.

By avoiding all of that and more, Foxit’s PDF Editor makes it simpler to edit an existing document. No more having to go back to the software that was used to create the file, make the necessary adjustments, and export it as a PDF only to run into another issue and have to repeat the procedure.

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Foxit PDF Editor Pricing

Foxit’s PDF editing software comes in three different editions: PDF Editor, PDF Editor Pro and PDF Editor Pro+. 

The base software, PDF Editor, is multi-platform, working on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Foxit’s PDF editing software comes in three different editions: PDF Editor, PDF Editor Pro and PDF Editor Pro+. 

The base software, PDF Editor, is multi-platform, working on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. 

  • Monthly subscription: $15 / €15 
  • Annual subscription: $ $79 / €78 
  • Perpetual license: $159 / €156 

PDF Editor Pro is Windows only, and offers more advanced features with better editing, collaboration and security tools. 

  • Monthly subscription: $17 / €17
  • Annual subscription: $ $99 / €98
  • Perpetual license: $179 / €176

Foxit PDF Editor Interface and Experience

  • A clean, easy to understand interface 

The user interface is rather straightforward, with a row of buttons at the top denoting various tasks you wish to complete, such as “Edit,” “Convert,” “Protect,” and “Share.”

When you click on one of them, the row of icons immediately below it changes to provide you with the resources you need to carry out the requested activity. The user interface is well-organized, only displaying the tools you require at the appropriate time.

In the middle of the UI, where the PDF file would typically be displayed, if you’ve just launched the app, you’ll also see some “Tool Wizards” that let you easily access

Foxit PDF Editor Editing

  • Almost as easy as using a regular word processor

Should you need to make changes to an existing PDF, you need to take a trip to the ‘Edit’ section – which is actually automatically selected once you open a document.

You’ll find your PDF is divided into text boxes, which can be selected, moved around and resized at will. The text contained within one will automatically reflow as you alter its size. This also happens when you alter the content of these boxes.

You might notice that the main body of the document will likely be split up into multiple such text boxes, making editing a bit of a pain, as words won’t automatically flow from one box to another. However, Foxit has solved that problem with its ‘Link & Join Text’ feature.

Select it, then click (in order) the boxes you wish to connect together. Once done, go back to your editing, and you’ll be able to write seamlessly through the boxes.

When it comes to text tools, you have the basics you’d expect from any word processor. You’re able to change the font, its size, color and alignment. Bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, and so on, are also available, as are options to alter character, line and paragraph spacing, and character scale.

Foxit PDF editor pretty much covers most, if not all, the functions you’d need to make your necessary changes. There’s even a built-in spellchecker.

Foxit PDF Editor Conversions

  • Convert data from one file format to another

Foxit PDF Editor can also help you convert documents into other file formats, such as Office docs like PDF to Word, PDF to PowerPoint, and PDF to Excel. You can also convert RTF, plain text, HTML and even various image formats. This level of flexibility is great should you need to extract the content of the PDF to create something new based on it.

This conversion process works in the opposite direction too, allowing you to convert files like Word to PDF. You have options to convert from an existing file, from your scanner, based on copied data stored in your computer’s clipboard, or even convert a webpage to PDF.

The latter sounded interesting but it looks like it might only work for simple pages: we tried converting, and only got page after page of our ‘We Value Your Privacy’ popup.

Regarding the scanner option, it’s great that Foxit PDF Editor can connect directly to your device. You can even choose for the software to automatically perform an OCR pass automatically, enabling you to edit as soon as the process is done.

This OCR software functionality isn’t restricted to the scanning process, meaning that you can use it to convert any scanned PDF in your possession. You’re given two main options: turn the scanned image into a searchable one (meaning you can use the search field to find specific text only), or convert the file to make the text editable.

Foxit PDF Editor Online Collaboration

  • Work as a team, thanks to a long list of annotating tools

As Foxit PDF Editor is aimed at businesses, it stands to reason that you’ll find online collaboration tools. These are located in the ‘Comment’ section.

From there, you and your team are able to highlight text (with a choice of 4 colors), link said highlighted section to a note, add a free floating note, strikeout, replace, or insert text, draw shapes, and more. 

There are many options here to make sure other members of your team know exactly which changes need to happen.

Foxit PDF Editor Redactions

  • Keep sensitive information away from prying eyes

Businesses must safeguard their data. In some sectors, it’s crucial to maintain compliance with international data rules because failure to do so could have negative effects on a company’s operations, finances, and reputation.

There are simple methods for redacting data, typically by adding a black box over private information, but if done incorrectly, you can still pick, copy, and paste what was intended to be restricted.

Foxit PDF Editor doesn’t work like that. 

The tools for this job reside in the ‘Protect’ section. From there. You could use ‘Whiteout’, for instance. This is a simple one: click and drag the section you wish to delete, and it’s permanently removed from the document. You can’t even undo this. It’s also not possible to see if any info was there in the first place.

The tool to “Mark for Redaction” is an additional choice. You can choose which text to have blocked off with this. Although it doesn’t seem like you can modify your selection, you look to have more control than the Whiteout tool (undoing your action is possible though). When you’re finished, select “Apply Redaction,” which you must confirm before the selected content can no longer be selected or edited (or undoable).

It is a robust tool that also offers search and redaction options. For example, you can tell Foxit PDF Editor to automatically search the document for a certain word or to redact any phone numbers or emails.

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