Exclusive: The Russo brothers have a wild suggestion for a possible Marvel TV series

Exclusive: The Russo brothers have a wild suggestion for a possible Marvel TV series

‘We have a passion for TV shows – and we love Marvel’. The Russo brothers would “love” to make a Marvel TV show – and the pair joked that they would pick the most unlikely superheroes to star in it.

At the UK junket for their newest film, The Gray Man, which launches on Netflix globally today (Friday, July 22), the actors spoke exclusively to Epblogs. Joe and Anthony Russo stated that they had not ruled out future collaboration with Marvel Studios. The twins would be willing to create a Disney Plus series for Marvel’s giant property, known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if given the chance to do so (MCU).

However, despite expressing their desire to collaborate with Marvel again, the Russos insisted that they weren’t in contact with the studio about a new project. Even so, the duo couldn’t help but drop a surreal but amusing tease about which D-list superheroes they’d pick to feature in an MCU Disney Plus show if they made one.

Anthony Russo stated, “We adore longform narrative. “TV has always been appealing to us because of this. Because they are based on comic books and a novel series, our Marvel movies and, to a lesser extent, The Gray Man, which can be thought of as that type of story, appealed to us as well. In other words, we love Marvel and we love TV shows, but we don’t have any ambitions to work on a TV show or a movie based on them.”

Joe Russo said, “Whatever we say, we’re going to get asked about it 100 times over the next week. “Choose the Great Lakes Avengers then. Or the Cheese-Man tale!”

Unknown to the general public, the West Coast Avengers’ sister superhero team was the Great Lakes Avengers. In July 1989, they made their Marvel comic book debut. The team was made up of unknown superheroes such Mr. Immortal, Doorman, Big Bertha, and Flatman. Yes, all of those superheroes from the Marvel comic book realm are quite real.

The Great Lakes Avengers share a history with some of the most well-known superheroes of all time, despite their relative lack of popularity among comic book enthusiasts. While Deadpool and Squirrel Girl have occasionally lined up with Mr. Immortal and crew, Hawkeye was one of those who trained the gang.

In contrast, the Cheeseman character from Marvel comics is fictitious. Kevin, alias Stale Cheese, a piece of moldy cheese that Spider-Man, a.k.a. Peter Parker, keeps in his fridge, is the closest thing to such a person. No one believes the webslinger’s assertion that the cheese’s green mold is super-intelligent.

The Russo brothers may not be developing a new MCU film or series, but it’s unsurprising why they’re constantly linked with doing so. The duo directed four of the MCU’s most popular movies – Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: Endgame. The latter pair of that quartet are two of the highest grossing films of all-time, too, grossing $2 billion and $2.7 billion at the global box office respectively.

In the years since Endgame’s 2019 release, the pair have opened up on their wish to return to the MCU; regularly naming the highly ambitious Secret Wars comic series as their dream project to work on. MCU insiders, including Greatphaseand MyTimetoShineHello, suggest that Marvel Studios are building towards a live-action Secret Wars production as the culmination of its Phase 4, Phase 5, and potentially Phase 6 plans. Even Jim Shooter, the writer behind the original Secret Wars storyline in Marvel comics, has claimed Marvel Studios are making a live-action project based on the property (per CBR.com).

We might discover more about the possibilities for a Secret Wars duology (and the Russos’ probable involvement in its creation) very soon, since Marvel is likely to reveal more information about what we can anticipate from its upcoming slate of films and television projects at their big 2022 Comic-Con panel.

Check out our guide on how to watch the Marvel movies in order for more information about the MCU. And be sure to come back this weekend for Epblogs’ in-depth interview with the Russos about how they created The Gray Man for Netflix, which may end up making our list of the top Netflix movies.

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