Evil Dead: The Game multiplayer: does it have crossplay

Evil Dead: The Game multiplayer: does it have crossplay?

Evil Dead: The Game multiplayer is at the heart of the latest video game adaption of the franchise.

With their latest title, Saber Interactive’s team has cribbed notes from the Necronomicon, as well as the films and TV series of the Evil Dead IP. You can expect everything from chainsaws and fountains of gore to one-liners and possessed cars. 

The story sees Professor Knowby summoning just about everyone who has ever known Ash, which is great because there is a whole army of evil on the way. 

Evil Dead: The Game was delayed to add single-player, but tearing apart ghouls alongside friends has been at the core of the game’s pitch since it was announced. So, unless you plan to play alone in a spooky cabin in the woods, you’re likely going to be playing a lot of multiplayer. 

While you’ll certainly be slaying countless Deadites, Evil Dead: The Game’s multiplayer still has burning questions in need of answers.

Evil Dead: The Game multiplayer


Yes, Evil Dead: The Game has co-op multiplayer, although not everyone is working together. There’s one Demon player who’s going to try and throw ghoul-shaped wrenches into the works for the other players.

Similar to other staples like Dead by Daylight, Evil Dead: The Game’s multiplayer is set up as a four versus one bout. Unlike other games in the genre though, the survivors are much more powerful this time around, spending a lot less time sneaking and a lot more time kicking heads in.

The four survivor players get to pick characters like Ash, Arthur, and Pablo – who each have their own abilities and starting equipment. Over the course of a match, they’ll improve their abilities and find upgrades to give them a better shot of surviving against the Deadites. The survivor’s goal is to find the pages of the Necronomicon and eventually banish the Kandarian Demon.

On the other side, the Evil player picks one of several different Demons. Each one has its own abilities and spawns different types of basic and elite enemies to help them. Most of the time, you’ll rush around the map, collecting resources to buff yourself up, and leaving traps to try to kill the four survivors. When you’re feeling powerful enough or find a good opportunity, you can even spawn in yourself to really challenge the other players.


Good news for everyone with friends on other platforms. It’s been confirmed that Evil Dead: The Game has crossplay and lets you team up against the Deadites regardless of platform.

Specifically, you’ll find Evil Dead on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It’ll also be available on Switch, but not at launch and with no announced release date.

The bad news is that we don’t have many more details on exactly how it’ll work. Typically the option to enable or disable crossplay for matchmaking is available for games that support it, so you can choose to stick to the console crowd, or huddle up with PC players. 

Matchmaking options are always healthy for the player base, especially when you’re looking to team up to take on ancient evils. Just watch out, because no matter what platform they’re using, disembodied demons can still cause you a world of hurt.

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