Edifier TWS NB2 Pro review: Great battery life

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro review: Great battery life

There’s a lot to like about the Edifier TWS NB2 Pro earbuds: decent sound, effective ANC and useful battery life, making them a great AirPods Pro alternative. Epblogs goal is to be the tech side of trust. We are proud of our independence and of our Edifier TWS NB2 Pro review thorough testing methods, in which we take our time with a product. We regularly check our test reports for changes and thus keep them up-to-date over a longer period of time – regardless of when a device was released.guaranteed reviews. Trust our Epblogs comprehensive reviews. We tested the products over a longer period of time and were able to see how they cope with everyday tasks. This is how we help you to find the best product for your read our guaranteed reviews.

Epblogs verdict

Offering impressive active noise cancellation, ambient noise mode and useful battery life, the Edifier TWS NB2 Pro earbuds make an attractive cut-price AirPods Pro alternative.

Quick Summary

I made the choice to replace my dependable AirPods with the Edifier TWS NB2 Pro earbuds with ANC and ambient sound mode, secretly hoping to find a set of headphones that I could use without being concerned about not being able to hear approaching vehicles.

These Edifier earbuds surely have all the features I’m looking for: a charging case with rapid charging, a companion app, and numerous sound settings, including ambient sound mode and active noise cancellation. They also promise to provide an excellent music experience (ANC).

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Edifier TWS NB2 Pro Price and availability

The Edifier TWS NB2 Pro is listed on the Edifier website for $89.99, but at the time of writing, both Amazon and Walmart were offering them for $79.99.

The earbuds come with three sizes of ear tips, a USB-C charger, and a light but strong charging case for a competitive price. They come in two timeless colors: black and white. While both are reasonable selections, depending on your aesthetic sensibilities, you might wish there were more vibrant options available.

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro Design and comfort

  • Easy to pair
  • Practical eartip sizes

The NB2 Pro earphones were easy to connect to my iPhone. The earphones instantly recognized and connected to my device with the push of a button on the case, and I was ready to go! I chose the size larger than the medium eartips since they suited my ears better.

Comfort controls are useful. In fact, they were so comfortable that I frequently forgot I was wearing them while moving around my apartment or running errands. They are also suitable for outdoor activities like bicycling, hiking, and working out at the gym.

I put the earphones to the test by dancing around my living room while wearing them, and I discovered that the Edifier buds were easy to lose if I moved my head too vigorously. Even if this is likely not a completely realistic scenario, you might need to be aware of the possibility of the earphones coming loose if you’re moving around a lot quickly.

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro Controls

  • Multiple sound modes
  • Hands-free control
  • No AI assistant support

By triple touching the left earbud, it was simple to activate ANC, Ambient Sound, Sport, and Game modes on the Edifier NB2 Pro. I could play, pause, or skip to the next song by tapping the right earphone. Although I wish there was a hands-free volume control option and support for Siri or Google Assistant, this is excellent for hands-free music listening.

Despite Edifier’s claim of automatic in-ear recognition, I discovered that when I took the ‘buds out of my ear and placed them nearby, music continued to play. This frequently required me to detach the headphones or turn off my Bluetooth in order to use the phone speaker.

Even though I prefer earbuds that immediately disconnect and stop playing when they are taken out of the ears, many people just put the earbuds back in the charging case when they have finished using them, which solves any issues with faulty auto detect.

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro Sound quality

  • Impressive sound
  • Useful preset modes

The company’s slightly more expensive NeoBuds Pro wowed with a high-quality sound output, and we’ve heard nice things about Edifier earbuds. Although the TWS NB2 Pro is a more affordable model, it doesn’t seem like audio quality has been compromised in order to keep the price low. Although I can easily hear the bass and vocals, some high notes or cymbals sometimes seem a touch jarring, especially on EDM songs like the Chainsmokers’ “Closer.”

When listening to Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive,” the bass is audible without becoming distorted and the background music swells are distinct without being overpowering. When listening to podcasts, films, and television shows, the sound is very clear and pretty comparable to what I’ve heard from Apple’s AirPods, which is a significant accomplishment at a lower cost.

You also have the option to turn on Game mode, which was created to reduce latency from on-screen audio and videos. During the review period, I didn’t detect any discernible difference with the mode enabled, but avid gamers may detect a more in-sync screen and audio experience.    

With Spatial Audio enabled there’s a lot more depth to the music soundstage. Some of my favorite tracks, most notably the song “Girls/Girls/Boys” by Panic! at the Disco, had the kind of effect of making me feel like I was actually at a live concert. It’s a neat feature but works better on some tracks than others, with some tracks having a bit too much echo to sound realistic or enjoyable. 

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro Active noise cancellation

  • Customizable app control
  • Ambient sound mode

A link to the user manual, choices to modify the in-ear detection settings, tap sensitivity, and factory settings are all included in the Edifier Connect app, which is accessible on iOS and Android smartphones. Additionally, it offers the choice to break or re-pair a Bluetooth connection and even establish a delayed shutdown if you want to listen to music for a predetermined period of time before going to sleep, for instance.

The ambient sound mode activation is one of the nicest features of these earbuds, and despite never having used earbuds with this feature previously, it has fast become a must-have feature for me.

You can turn up the ambient sound mode’s volume using the app to hear more of what’s happening on around you. When I was wearing the earbuds outside on a walk, I chose to turn up the ambient sound mode to improve my awareness of oncoming traffic. However, when I was working at home, I chose to turn it down to block out the sound of my air conditioner running and the video my partner was watching in the room next to mine.

These earbuds’ ambient noise mode is a major selling point, particularly if you use them in noisy locations like the gym, the bus, or other public places. However, I would have preferred to be able to change the ambient sound level directly from the earphones rather than through the smart phone connect application.

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro Battery life

  • 9 hours battery life from a single charge
  • Useful fast charge to keep battery topped up   

The Edifier NB2 Pro claims a 32-hour battery life; in my experience, a 15-minute quick charge provides about two hours of playback time. You can receive up to nine hours of audio playback from a single charge and an additional 23 hours of use from the charging case.

Although it would have been wonderful to see the battery life stated on the charge case itself, you can check the battery life of each earbud through the Connect app. When I was on the run and didn’t have a place to plug them in, these earbuds kept their charge significantly longer than my AirPods.

I charged the Edifier earbuds on a Monday night, and didn’t need to charge them again until Friday, despite using them for around 3-4 hours each day. I also found that the quick charge feature made it easy to keep the ‘buds topped up after playing them for a few hours. 

Edifier TWS NB2 Pro Verdict

The majority of my requirements are met by these earbuds: they are simple to pair with my phone, have a long battery life, and the ambient sound mode is ideal for someone like me who frequently takes the bus or walks to the grocery store. Even though I would have like a sleeker design and more dependable in-ear detection, I am willing to forgive these minor drawbacks for the useful convenience and functions the earbuds offer at the price.

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