DreamHost says it has no idea when web hosting outage will end

DreamHost says it has no idea when web hosting outage will end

DreamHost shared hosting has been down for the past 10 daysCustomers at DreamHost appear to be losing patience with the hosting firm over a week after it first reported suffering a major outage.

Labelled as a “degraded performance”, the incident is disrupting DreamHost users on its shared web hosting services, with the provider pushing out a fix shortly after the outage was reported on July 24, 2022.

DreamHost has published a status update informing its users that it does not have an ETA on the full restoration of the services, but so far has no further details on what has happened.

Web host down

Users outraged by the outage have spent the last nine days expressing their frustration on Twitter, with some claiming that their website has gone down in Google rankings, while others have had their entire websites erased. 

TechRadar Pro has reached out to DreamHost’s internal team for an update but so far has not received a reply. 

It’s also not clear whether this server outage has had any impact on DreamHost’s other services, including its VPS hosting solution and WordPress website builder.

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What DreamHost did send, however, was a generic email to its users stating that its technical operations and data center teams are continuing to work on restoring the data to its customer’s shared server.

“The restore process is still ongoing and being heavily monitored by our Admins. Content is currently being loaded from one of our backup machines, as a result you may continue to experience degraded performance and intermittent errors as data is being restored,” the email added.

Users on Twitter also complained about the lack of updates from DreamHost, with generic responses issued to those who took to the social media platform for further insight as to when the problem will be fixed.

Some users have also expressed concern over the lack of information around receiving refunds, since DreamHost has no estimated time for the full restoration of its web hosting service.

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