CountAbout review: Personal finance meets basic accounting

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Epblogs verdict

CountAbout checks many of the boxes for a straightforward but useful online application to track and manage your budgeting. Even better, it has a strong undercurrent while being cheap and joyful.

Quick Summary

The structure of CountAbout is quite plain and easy to understand. It has a web-based interface and provides a reasonably complete set of onscreen capabilities that handle the majority of financial management needs. It truly is that easy, and it might be quite helpful during the current coronavirus outbreak.

Along with the added convenience, it is also incredibly economical, making it the perfect choice for anyone who needs assistance managing their finances but is working with a limited budget.

On the CountAbout website, you can also sign up for a free 15-day trial that gives you the chance to test the service out without having to spend anything. Good news thus far, In the budgeting software market, it competes with programs like Mint, YNAB, Quicken, Moneydance, and Pocketguard.

CountAbout Pricing

CountAbout currently keeps things very straightforward in terms of service availability and pricing. Essentially, there are two choices available with the straightforward yet useful Basic package, which costs $9.99 annually. For that, you have complete access to the majority of CountAbout’s features and functionalities, albeit some complex capabilities are off-limits.

The automatic downloading of bank, credit card, and other transactions is therefore unavailable. Additionally, a lot more manual input is needed. The good news is that you can choose a Premium edition instead and have access to all of the other choices for $39.99 per year. Therefore, CountAbout seems to be a relatively excellent value for the money.

You can add picture attachment capabilities to transactions by paying an extra $10 per year to add a little more capability. Similar to that, for an additional $60 a year, a small-business-focused add-on for invoicing enables you to create, send, and monitor invoices.

CountAbout Features

The fact that CountAbout allows you to import data from Quicken or Mint makes it a very practical solution. You are urged to do that as soon as you join up, and there are some helpful instructions that lead you through the process.

Additionally, you receive an easy access Account Maintenance method, which allows you to choose during setup to have transactions downloaded automatically from the financial institutions you work with. The UI is clear, fuss-free, and simple to use once you’re in the primary working area.

The ability to personalize the UI to meet your needs makes it even more stunning. For instance, you can add any additional category to the left-screen menus and remove those that you don’t require. Another benefit, especially if you’re a small business owner, is the ability to add in and handle invoices as needed.

CountAbout Performance

CountaAbout is available as an app for iOS and Android, and both of them work well as complements to the online browser version. They do, of course, give you a one-stop alternative that allows you to completely avoid the desktop model if you prefer to monitor your budget while on the road.

CountAbout’s design and engineering are also encouraging, with a strong level of encryption built in to guarantee that your financial information is as secure as possible. According to CountAbout, the only personally identifiable data it obtains from users is their email addresses, and neither of these details are shared with anybody else.

The ability to use CountAbout in conjunction with a program like Quicken gives you access to a robust toolkit for financial management, which is the other major perk of this situation. Additionally, in the case of CountAbout, that just requires a modest financial investment.

CountAbout Ease of use

Even if you’re somewhat inexperienced with internet services, you’ll find that CountAbout is incredibly easy to learn. With a fairly logical page layout, CountAbout gives a step-by-step approach to budgeting and managing your cash.

The service’s primary tabs are located at the top of the user interface and lead you to the fundamental sections of your finances that require daily administration, such as Transactions, Budgets, and Reports. With the Widgets option, which enables the development of extra tools targeted at contrasting the various facets of your financial activities, you may also personalize the interface.

The Recurring tab, which enables you to set and manage recurring financial transactions like rent and mortgage payments, is another feature we appreciate a lot. Other practical options, such a list of Accounts, Categories, and Tags, can be found on the left side of your screen.

CountAbout Support

Help is always at hand within the CountAbout interface. There’s a dedicated link to the Help area at the top of the page and this takes you to a comprehensive information area. 

While it may appear a little sparse at first glance, this aid zone delivers a good punch when you learn how it operates. Although many issues and questions can be answered by looking through the Knowledge Base, you can file a ticket here if you have a specific problem.

We also thought the Suggestions section was a nice idea because it allows you to let CountAbout know about any problems you think could be fixed or made better while using the web service.

CountAbout Review Final verdict

Overall, we believe CountAbout offers many positive aspects, not the least of which is its competitive price. Even if you spend a lot and get the Premium edition, it’s still rather affordable. You’ve got a great combo when you add that to a user interface that is incredibly simple to learn, a ton of quirky options, like the capability to install custom widgets for even more effective money management.

With a free 15-day trial available, it’s definitely worth giving CountAbout a try. With a simple interface and support available when needed, this budgeting service is highly recommended. If you need a quick solution to get your finances in order, you have a robust little alternative at your disposal with a safe and secure design and the ability to coexist with something like Quicken.

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