Cherry MX 10.0N RGB keyboard review

Cherry MX 10.0N RGB keyboard review

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A high-end mechanical keyboard with low-profile linear switches that keep it astonishingly slim is the Cherry MX 10.0N RGB. If you’re looking for that kind of keyboard, this is a fantastic choice that’s well worth the money.

Quick Summary

For individuals who like to retain a modest profile, there is a mechanical keyboard called the Cherry MX 10.0N RGB ($159). It boasts an all-black aluminum chassis that is thinner than others and would fit in well in a contemporary office environment.

The Cherry MX 10.0N RGB, however, begins to appear much more like what it is: a high-end mechanical keyboard well-suited to extended periods of typing or gaming, once the per-key RGB underlighting is turned on.

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This is one of the top mechanical keyboards available right now with to features like low-profile Cherry MX switches, anti-ghosting, and N-key rollover. If you’re thinking about purchasing this keyboard, you should be aware of several potential drawbacks. The rest of our review is below.

Cherry MX 10.0N RGB keyboard Price and availability

The Cherry MX 10.0N RGB is available for sale right now via Amazon

It costs $159, though the price fluctuates at places like Newegg and you can often get it on sale for a decent discount. 

Cherry MX 10.0N RGB keyboard Design

On our list of the best gaming keyboards available, the Cherry MX 10.0N RGB mechanical keyboard is one of the more transportable full-size options because of its low height and weight of under an inch. The aluminum chassis, which is completely black, feels comfortable and solid in your hands. I typed and played games on this board for many weeks, but I never once felt even the slightest suggestion of it flexing or bending under my palms.

This is noteworthy since, as far as human hands go, my mitts are on the larger side, and when I really get going and the WPM starts to rise, I frequently feel the keyboards give or shift a little. Contrary to popular belief, the Cherry MX 10.0N RGB keyboard is a fairly durable piece of equipment even though it feels light and portable.

When you lift the keyboard up, a thin stand made of black aluminum along the back folds out and downward. This enables you to adjust the angle at which you’re typing by slightly elevating the keyboard’s back off the desk or lowering it till it lies flat, depending on your preferences. It’s convenient to have and simple to disregard if you don’t want to use it.

The keyboard’s included removable USB-C to USB-A cable is also a welcome addition. The cable can be separated from both ends and packed up for easier travel. The USB-C end plugs into the keyboard, while the USB-A end connects to your PC (you’ll need an adaptor if you don’t have any spare USB-A ports).

Cherry MX 10.0N RGB keyboard Keys

The Cherry MX 10.0N RGB has Cherry MX Low Profile RGB Speed key switches, which are the lowest profile switches I’ve ever used and sit closer to the keyboard. This is one of the distinguishing characteristics of this board, and it’s a real love-it-or-hate-it design decision. I don’t personally think I like it.

The low-slung keys feel extremely good to type on, and the laser-etched lettering looks sharp, so that’s not to say it’s a horrible keyboard. If you’re a light typist, the linear switch can be quite a silent set of keys as it doesn’t click after only a millimeter or so of movement. However, if you key-pound ham-handedly like I do, you may anticipate hearing a delightful clatter everytime you bottom out.

The keys can be dressed up or down to suit the setting using the board’s excellent customizable RGB lighting (more on that later), and the whole device feels like a well-designed, premium keyboard. As small as it is, it’s not hard to see where the money’s going on something like this: quality.

But after several weeks of use, my hands began to itch for a bigger, taller board with more travel, like the Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2, which is our current top mechanical keyboard pick. I bring this up partially because Cherry touts the ergonomic benefits of the slim design, claiming that it allows you to “type ergonomically and comfortably even without a palm rest.”

I advise you to seek professional advice before deciding whether you should type on this keyboard or any other keyboard without a palm rest. You should also carefully check the board’s dimensions to decide whether the slim profile is right for you. Some people might find it ergonomic and cozy, but after using this keyboard for a while, I discovered that my long fingers felt uncomfortable and cramped due to the low-profile keys. In addition, I had trouble with my typing speed, which plummeted from its usual range of 95 to 110 words per minute to an average of only 76 words per minute.

Regardless, it’s an elegant, well-made device. If you like the idea of a low-profile linear mechanical keyboard, this is a great one.

Cherry MX 10.0N RGB keyboard Features

In my experience, the Cherry MX 10.0N RGB features n-key rollover and anti-ghosting that are effective. On this keyboard, I played games like Apex Legends for hours without ever noticing any missed or misread inputs.

The MX 10.0N RGB is particularly well-suited for travel thanks to a handful of its characteristics. It has a low-profile USB cable that detaches at both ends for simple storage as its primary feature. Additionally, the board can remember settings even when it’s unplugged thanks to the 8 MB of internal memory, which is a nice touch.

It’s also possible to switch between a number of pre-programmed RGB lighting modes using the keyboard’s function keys, which saves you the trouble of downloading Cherry Keys’ RGB control software. You can fine-tune the lighting design of the board if you download the program and play about with it, enabling some entertaining timing and effect tricks.

Cherry MX 10.0N RGB keyboard Review Final Verdict

A high-quality low-profile mechanical keyboard that works equally well for business and play is the Cherry MX 10.0N RGB. It boasts a stylish matte black metal chassis that looks equally at home in an office or next to one of the top gaming PCs available, and it feels solid and comfortable to type on.

The only real stumbling block here is whether or not you enjoy the concept of typing on low-profile linear switches because the asking price of $159 is competitive for a mechanical keyboard of this caliber. Consider whether keys that are less than an inch height will feel comfortable in your hands by comparing the MX 10.0N RGB’s dimensions to the keyboard you are now using. Because everyone’s needs are unique, I advise you to speak with an ergonomics specialist.

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