Arlo Go 2 - review

Arlo Go 2 – review

Now comes the second generation Arlo Go with Full HD, both Wi-Fi and mobile connection and GPS.

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Epblogs verdict

Arlo Go 2 is a really good outdoor camera that offers detailed color images both during the day and at night thanks to a built-in spotlight. With space for a SIM card and the ability to communicate via 4G, it can be placed anywhere with mobile coverage. It is also packed with a host of AI-based features that identify what is moving in front of the camera. However, it is not the cheapest outdoor camera on the market, and you still have to pay for a subscription if you want to take advantage of all the features.

Arlo Go 2 – price and availability

  • 3 290 kr

Arlo Go 2 has a target price of SEK 3,290 and will go on sale on May 25. With the camera, you get a three-month trial subscription to Arlo Smart, which allows you to store videos online and access several interesting features that help reduce unwanted alerts. When the trial period ends, the service costs from SEK 29 / month.


  • Available in white or black
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to assemble

Arlo Go 2 has an elegant monochrome design with a glossy white cover over a black camera module, which is recognizable from the other cameras in the Arlo stable. If you do not choose the black model, that is. For Arlo Go 2 is available in glossy black as well, and it is a slightly more discreet color choice, which in our opinion is slightly nicer than the white model, which we have tested here. With that said, the white model is also extremely stylish, albeit more eye-catching when mounted on the house wall. 

Unlike the futuristically designed original model, the Arlo Go 2 is more timeless in its design. Behind the glossy cover, which can be removed in one piece, we find the rechargeable and replaceable battery, while the elegant black front houses the camera and an LED spotlight. 

Measuring 8.6 x 6.4 x 12 cm (hxwxd), the Alro Go 2 is larger than its predecessor but still a relatively compact home security camera. The camera is also weatherproof and IP65 rated.

On the back there is a thread to screw in a small bracket that you can screw to the wall or ceiling. The bracket makes it easy to install the camera and very easy to set the exact desired camera angle. The design means that it is very easy to pick up with the camera when it is time to charge the battery, but it also unfortunately means that it is just as easy to steal the camera. It only takes a few seconds to unscrew it.

This was the same criticism we had when we tested Arlo Go, and maybe Arlo themselves have thought of the matter, because Arlo Go 2 is equipped with GPS. So if your Arlo Go 2 actually gets stolen, you can track it.

We will soon take a closer look at the functionality of the Arlo app, but it is worth mentioning already now that the app is as well-designed as the camera. It has room for many different settings and features, but still never becomes difficult to understand.


  • Detailed video in Full HD (1080p) in color both during the day and night
  • Motion tracking
  • Automatic switching between Wi-Fi and 4G

It is very easy to install Arlo Go 2 via the brilliant app, which gives you step-by-step instructions in Swedish until everything is ready. In short, install the SIM card and any microSD card, insert the battery and push back the cover. Then scan a QR code and let the app and the camera talk to each other. And then it’s done.

The fixed installation on the house wall is just as simple. The small bracket is screwed on with three screws, which, depending on the surface, may require a little drilling, but that’s the small thing. There are no cords or anything else that needs to be adjusted. Then, as we have already mentioned, mounting the camera on the bracket is also easy.

Arlo Go 2 automatically detects movement as soon as something moves in the field of view and then starts recording ten-second excerpts and saves these small movies to your Arlo account. You can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor, and with the help of Arlo Smart also set special fields in the image that will respond to motion, while other parts will not. 

The latter is very smart if, for example, you have a pet that likes to move across the plot, or if the camera’s field of view has something else that often moves, but which is not a source of concern. 

Although the Arlo Go 2 does not have 4K, it has a very nice image in Full HD (1080p), which is one of the natural improvements from the previous version, which only offered 720p. The recordings from Arlo Go 2 are clear and detailed both during the day and night. And to facilitate night vision, the Arlo Go 2 is equipped with a powerful spotlight that lights up almost 8 meters. Thanks to the spotlight, you get color recordings even at night.

Arlo Go 2 also has a 12x zoom, which allows you to zoom in afterwards in the video sections, and even if it is not as detailed resolution as if it were a 4K camera, you can still see zoomed details in good light enough Good.

Arlo Ultra Go is quick to identify movement. During the test period, we were also connected to the subscription service Arlo Smart, which means that all notices also talk about what it is that triggered the movement. Since the neighbor’s cat has a habit of taking a walk across the garden, it feels good to know that it is an animal that triggered the camera and not an unauthorized person. You simply do not even have to watch the movie, because Arlo Smart has already said that it is an animal and not a skimmer.

The built-in spotlight can be controlled manually or set to switch on automatically when the light is dim. Arlo Go 2 also has both a microphone and speakers, which enables two-way calling, which works really well. However, the cat did not care when we talked to it.

Although Arlo Go 2 offers local storage via microSD card, images stored on the memory card can not be accessed via the app – instead you have to remove the card and watch the movie on a computer. This makes this option more cumbersome and not as flexible as getting everything presented in the app, even if it then requires a subscription.

The app

  • Easy to navigate
  • Integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Activate a geofence or create a recording schedule

The Arlo app is really good. Everything from installing a new camera, managing subscriptions, watching recordings or making settings is very easy thanks to its clear, easy-to-navigate interface. You can basically decide for yourself how much or how little control you want over your cameras via the app – it is very customizable.

The first thing you encounter when you open the app is a list of the Arlo security cameras that are installed in your home, and next to each one you get an overview of the latest recording. 

Via this page you can quickly access the settings for each individual camera and you can set geofencing, so that cameras are turned on or off based on your location, adjust the speaker and microphone volume, change the name of the camera and trigger the headlight, or what we discovered we usually do, start a live stream from the camera to see what’s happening right now.

By selecting the library tab at the bottom of the screen, you can access all the recordings made, while the mode tab allows you to adjust how a camera behaves when you are at home or away. There is also an even more in-depth mode for other settings.

Arlo Go 2 is integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which means that you can use these assistants to view images from the camera on your TV or on a compatible smart screen, and can use the camera in some home automations. Unfortunately, Arlo Go 2 does not work with HomeKit. Other Arlo cameras that use a base station work with HomeKit, but not Arlo Go 2.

Video storage and AI functions such as object detection require you to pay a monthly subscription for Arlo Smart. The camera comes with a three-month free trial period, after which it costs from SEK 29 per month and camera. If you have more cameras, it can run away, but Arlo also has a collective subscription for SEK 99 per month with an unlimited number of cameras (in maximum 2K resolution).

Battery life

  • Battery life varies depending on settings, usage and temperature
  • The battery is replaceable

Arlo gives slightly different information about the battery life depending on how the Arlo Go 2 is used. The battery life with Wi-Fi is stated to be up to 240 days, which will be even longer if the camera is only on standby and does not detect movement. The ability to use Wi-Fi is one of the things that sets Go 2 apart from its predecessor, which could only be connected via 3G / 4G. If you only use 4G, the time drops drastically to between 78 and 90 days, depending on usage. 

We have tested the camera far too little to draw any conclusions regarding battery life, but during the more than a week we tested the camera, the battery meter moved only one percent, even though we had to test just what draws battery – how many times Live View is activated , if the headlight or siren is triggered and how many times the two-way microphone and speaker are used.

The battery is replaceable, so instead of the camera being out of order when the battery needs to be charged, you can just put in another battery, provided you buy an extra one.

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