Apple Preview 11.0 review: Apple's free PDF reader for Macs

Apple Preview 11.0 review: Apple’s free PDF reader for Macs

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Epblogs verdict

Apple’s Preview, one of the best PDF readers for the Mac and a strong editor, should be able to satisfy everyone but the most ardent PDF road warriors. And it is already installed when you boot!

Quick Summary

Apple’s Previ is one of the best PDF readers for the Mac and includes robust editing features. Some Mac users might not be aware that the operating system of their machine has fully adopted the PDF format from Adobe. Any document, webpage, or anything else can be saved as a PDF directly from the File > Print menu.

Apple machines also come bundled with Apple Preview, a free PDF reader for Macs, designed to preview many different types of image file formats, as well as PDFs.

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Apple Preview 11.0 review: Getting Started

So how effective is Preview? At first glance, it appears that you can perform essentially all of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC’s functions (without being bombarded with adverts to upgrade, of course).

A PDF (or image, but let’s assume those are givens and concentrate on the papers in question for this review) is opened by double-clicking, as you might anticipate. The document may be printed, zoomed in or out, and you can even browse over it.

You may easily browse through a multi-page document using the thumbnail sidebar on the left, which displays a miniature version of each page, one above the other. The size of such thumbnails can be changed by dragging the border between it and the main preview section.

If your screen is big enough to see them without straining too much, you can also enable Preview to show you two pages side by side if you want. Scrolling can be set to be continuous or on a page-by-page basis.

The interface’s upper right corner has a sizable search area that you may use to look for particular words within the text (as long as the PDF is properly formatted of course, and not just a JPEG of a page formatted as a PDF, but this is a problem for every PDF reader).

  • Easy start score: 5/5 

Apple Preview 11.0 review: Note Taking

If that is all you require, great! Your needs can be met by Preview. There’s more, though. What if, for example, you need to take notes? You can accomplish this with the help of a variety of tools.

For instance, there is a highlighter pen that comes in a selection of five colors and even allows you to underline or strike through text (only in red for those two options, mind).

But if you require more, welcome to the Markup Toolbar. It isn’t turned on by default, but one mouse click of an icon will make a ton of other features available.

If you need to add a comment, you can use it to add text boxes to any page. These boxes provide all the editing options you’d anticipate from a simple word processor: you may alter the font, alignment, style, color, add a background fill, or modify the outline color. The next text box you create will use those settings from Preview, although you are always free to change them if you’d prefer.

You also have freehand tools to draw editable forms, so there’s more than that. There are a few pre-made templates available if you’d prefer ones that are more clearly defined, such as a line with an arrow, a speech bubble, a circle, a square, another with rounded edges, etc. Also completely customisable are these shapes.

You can also add and position post-it notes (or equivalents) wherever you like (but only when they’re reduced) if that’s more your style. The five colors of the highlighters are also accessible for your notes if you’re tired of the yellow default hue, which is merely the case with yellow notes.

With eSign software growing in popularity, you have the ability to add a digital signature and use that toolbar to insert it wherever you like on the document.

You have the choice of writing on your laptop’s touchpad or scanning in a signature using the built-in camera on your Mac, which isn’t the best option. The option that lets you connect to an iPhone or iPad is the one we liked most. There is no setup necessary; simply select it from the list of supported devices and re-create your signature using the screen and your finger.

This should cover most people’s needs. But Apple went further still…

  • Tools score: 5/5 

Apple Preview 11.0 review: PDF Creation

Since you can’t truly alter the content of an existing file using Preview, this title may be a little deceptive. However, you can remove unnecessary pages, rearrange them, change their layout, and otherwise alter a document to concentrate on what you need.

Even better, you can copy and paste a page or more from one document into an altogether different one. You may also just drag a page from one sidebar to the other if you have two pages open side by side and the thumbnail sidebar is enabled to duplicate it in the second document.

Although you can’t generate a PDF document from scratch, you can use Pages and save it as a PDF, which is a far more flexible option. To generate a customized PDF that is ideal for your needs, you can just save the sections that most interest you.

When it’s time to save this new document, click the “Permissions” button to access a variety of options. For example, you can choose to password-protect it and even grant the reader access to certain features even if they don’t know the password, such as printing, adding pages, or filling out form fields.

  • PDF editor score: 4/5 

Apple Preview 11.0 review: Final Verdict

Apple Preview, a free PDF reader that comes pre-installed with every Mac, is a really strong tool that provides you with the essentials as well as what might be regarded as rather powerful editing and note-taking capabilities. Even a tool for seamlessly combining PDFs can be found here.

The majority of your demands should be met by Preview until you absolutely need a full-featured PDF editor (or even a free PDF editor) to change a PDF’s content. Just a shame that it’s limited to Macs.

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