AnyDesk review: A perfect remote desktop

AnyDesk review: A perfect remote desktop

The perfect remote desktop solution for small business users. Epblogs goal is to be the tech side of trust. We are proud of our independence and of our AnyDesk review thorough testing methods, in which we take our time with a product. We regularly check our test reports for changes and thus keep them up-to-date over a longer period of time – regardless of when a device was released.guaranteed reviews . Trust our Epblogs comprehensive reviews. We tested the products over a longer period of time and were able to see how they cope with everyday tasks. This is how we help you to find the best product for your read our guaranteed reviews.

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For individuals and proprietors of smaller businesses who do not require all of the advanced facilities included in premium versions, AnyDesk is widely utilized, and it is simple to understand why. It does, however, have several drawbacks that do restrict its appeal for more significant issues. It must be among the greatest remote desktop access software packages available for typical use, nevertheless.

Quick Summary

If you’re seeking for the greatest remote desktop application for your business needs, AnyDesk is the perfect choice. It is a steadfast favorite, mostly due to how easily it provides simplified remote and unattended access. Due to its low cost and robust range of capabilities,

AnyDesk is typically the preferred desktop option for many sole entrepreneurs and small organizations.

The fact that AnyDesk can be utilized by bigger remote workforces is another factor that makes many business owners choose it. AnyDesk enables employees to use their work computers in a secure setting, which can assist to improve productivity as more workers choose to work from home or outside the office.


PLANS AND PRICES: ANYDESK REVIEW Although this is only for personal use, AnyDesk offers a free plan that enables you to offer remote help for an infinite number of machines. For casual users who don’t require regular connections, AnyDesk is among the finest remote desktop software options.

The Essentials option, which costs $9.90 a month and offers unattended access, is available, but only one user is permitted to control one remote device.

The Performance package is a more significant choice if you own a business and want a larger selection of connectivity. Currently, each user pays $19.90 per month for this. You receive three remotely controlled devices per user for that. The wonderful thing about this one is that users may truly access any of the devices on a license rather than being limited to only the ones they add.

If you feel that this is still not sufficiently comprehensive, AnyDesk may provide a price for an Enterprise package. Although all plans must be paid for annually, the Essentials and Performance packages also provide 14-day trials.


AnyDesk has been operating since 2015 and had a redesign in 2021; the most recent version is 7. With a delightfully logical desktop layout and session tools that are hidden in a toolbar rather than being separately set out on the workspace, this most recent version offers a far more simplified user experience.

Both individual users and IT teams have always found use for the program, which they may utilize to provide remote technical help. The program functions by providing access to iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Windows and Mac desktop PCs. A built-in file manager makes it simple to move files between local and distant computers, although drag-and-drop file processing is not supported.

An address book system is used to keep track of all computers that are being accessed remotely and is used for administrative purposes. There are also many solutions for simple cooperation, such as a text chat box that can help with remote assistance responsibilities. Additionally, you may invite other users to join your network and utilize a virtual whiteboard, both of which are helpful in assistance situations.


Similar to other remote desktop access software, AnyDesk doesn’t require any setup. When the program is being installed on your computer, AnyDesk will show your specific connection address.

This particular address must be provided to a remote user in order for them to connect to a remote help session utilizing your computer as the host machine. An email invitation may also be used for this purpose.

It’s helpful to be able to choose from a list of predefined permissions, which limits what a user may do when using your shared system.


On both attended and unattended Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, you may use AnyDesk to view and manage remote connections. The good news is that AnyDesk’s UI is one of the most user-friendly out there for accomplishing this.

The address book is incorporated into the address entry bar, one of several features that may help you do tasks more quickly. As a result, connecting to machines that are common connection points is a breeze. The ability of AnyDesk to automatically find other equipped devices in your local network is an additional benefit. The amount of manual intervention required for business users is significantly reduced as a result.

Stability-wise, we have found AnyDesk to be a very able performer. Along with the easy to use interface, making use of the software is a quick and simple exercise, which is always a plus if you’re a time-poor worker or business owner.


You’ll find that AnyDesk comes with end-to-end encryption, which covers all of your remote sessions. Having this means that it can help to prevent unauthorized access to your network. 

At the same time, there is also support for two-factor authentication, which adds another level of security with the added option for creating a whitelist, so that only specific devices can access your computer. 

On top of that, AnyDesk lets you set a limit as to what control features are available to any remote users.


Although nyDesk offers a high level of assistance, at the moment phone communication appears to be the only available method. Numerous online materials are available as support and may be accessed through the website.

If you need to get in touch with AnyDesk about a specific problem or question, there is also an option for creating a ticket. AnyDesk also appears to have a strong social media presence, which is helpful for finding a wealth of general knowledge, insider information, and practical solutions.


While AnyDesk is certainly more than adequate for everyday use, if you’re a business owner with the need to access multiple machines you’re going to need a slightly more substantial package. 

Despite its increased cost, TeamViewer may be among the better solutions in that regard. Keep an eye out for the potent option that enables you to control up to 200 devices, utilizing one IT professional as a good example. Mass deployment and command line control features, for example, can be added to create a robust package that is more effective than AnyDesk.

On the other hand, if you’re seeking for greater value and remote assistance capabilities, Zoho Assist is a fantastic choice. It offers excellent value for the money and will satisfy the demands of many medium-sized to big businesses.

There are a ton of additional possibilities amongst them when it comes to rival items in the finest remote desktop software market.


We’re great supporters of AnyDesk, and it especially shines for someone who only sometimes needs remote desktop access and doesn’t want all the bells and whistles. If you’re managing a bigger company and want the kind of powerful features available in something like TeamViewer, there are certain drawbacks. Even so, AnyDesk is a user-friendly product, and the cost is reasonable. If all you need is the free version, it’s even better.

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