Android update will make using Pixel Buds Pro much less frustrating

Android update will make using Pixel Buds Pro much less frustrating

The process of switching your Pixel Buds Pro between devices will be simplified by an upcoming Android update, and it will soon be available for other wireless headphones as well.

Automatic device switching will be available when the Google Pixel Buds Pro (along with the Google Pixel 6A) go on sale on July 28. Wireless earphones will immediately connect to your phone if it starts ringing while you’re watching one of the top Netflix episodes on your tablet, according to Google’s blog post, so you can hear the ringtone and talk to the person who is calling.

Not just the new Pixel Buds will have access to this feature. Select Sony and JBL cans will also benefit from the upgrade, according to Google, though support will be provided later. They are only the first in line. Although Google hasn’t said which models would be supported, it’s probable that they’ll be more recent models that enable Bluetooth multipoint, which allows them to connect to many devices simultaneously.

However, it’s important to note that this tool will only work with Android-powered smartphones and tablets; if your devices are spread across different ecosystems, you’ll still have to switch your connections manually.

Analysis: The Apple of our ears?

Although this upgrade isn’t expected to have a significant impact on how the Google Pixel Buds Pro rank among the best wireless earbuds we’ve tested, it’s an underappreciated boost to the quality of life that will probably spare many customers some unnecessary hassle. But more crucially, it will strengthen the Apple-like synergy between Google products.

The Apple AirPods aren’t the best headphones ever created, but they might still be a terrific choice for people who rely on their iPhone 13 and iPad Air (2022). This is so because Apple products are made to work together, providing you with a seamless experience that can be disrupted if you switch to third-party hardware alternatives.

While Google makes an effort to provide a smooth transition between Chrome and various Android devices, some of its accessories lack the necessary features. That’s obviously beginning to change though, in part because of the most recent upgrade that makes automatic audio switching possible.

Fortunately, Google isn’t copying too much from Apple’s strategy. Android audio switching will be coming to a larger range of first- and third-party alternatives, in contrast to Apple, which restricts upgrades like this to its proprietary hardware. Hopefully, more new headphone brands and models will support this feature in the future.

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