AndaSeat Navi Edition gaming chair review

AndaSeat Navi Edition gaming chair review

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Epblogs verdict

If you can see past its bright yellow exterior, the AndaSeat Navi Edition could very well be one of the best gaming chairs you’ll ever sit in. Its sculpted pillows provide excellent support and its large seat provides the space you need to sit whatever way you find most comfy.

The AndaSeat Navi Edition gaming chair is a fantastic seat that delivers excellent levels of comfort and support. It will make long play sessions and working days alike feel like a breeze.

The lumbar and neck pillows could not have been shaped or positioned any better and the 4D armrests let you customize the seat’s shape to suit your needs. Unfortunately, those under 5ft 7in will likely find they’re a bit too short to take full advantage of this seat’s design.

The seat’s large size comes with plenty of benefits though, including enough space to sit cross-legged or in a variety of relaxing seating positions that will delight those who hate to sit up straight at their desk.

However, to experience this level of comfort you’ll have to plant yourself in a chair that glows brighter than the sun in its yellow PVC leather exterior. 

You’ll also need to shell out a fair amount as this seat is priced at $530 / £400 (about AU$745) – so if you’re after a budget option this won’t be the gaming chair for you.

But, if you don’t mind adding a bit of color to whatever space you use this chair in then go right ahead. Those after a more sophisticated black office chair-style design may want to look at other options out there (like the AndaSeat Jungle 2 gaming chair).

AndaSeat Navi Edition gaming chair Design

The AndaSeat Navi Edition is a gaming chair you’ll either find lovably gaudy or a vivid eyesore thanks to its bright yellow PVC leather-wrapped design. It’s a seat no one will be able to take their eyes off – but that isn’t always a good thing.

Even if you opt for the black-clad option for the Navi Edition this also features bold color and pattern choices that scream ‘gamer chair’ from a mile off. If you’re hoping to get away with this in an office environment we’d recommend thinking again.

That said, if you’re after a seat that will deliver a splash of fun to your gaming environment this is exactly the kind of chair that you want to go for.

Because not only is it flashy but the Navi Edition gaming chair performs really well. The steel frame allows the seat to support up to 375pounds (170Kg) and accommodate people who are up to 6ft 10in (208cm) tall. 

Meanwhile, the high-density foam padding, alongside the sculpted lumbar and neck pillows will ensure you’re kept comfy for hours on end – and thanks to the seat’s large size you can easily move around and vary your seating positions.

To top it off we found that the AndaSeat Navi Edition gaming chair was a breeze to put together. The instructions are clear and every tool you need is included in the box.

AndaSeat Navi Edition gaming chair Comfort

Regardless of what you think about other aspects of the Navi Edition’s design, it excels in the one area that counts: comfort.

AndaSeat has poured its many years of experience into creating this chair and you can tell; the padding hits the Goldilocks sweet spot of being not too hard and not too soft, and the pillows are perfectly sculpted to provide maximum support during long play sessions.

Crank the chair’s recline angle up to 160° and you’ll find yourself sinking into a surface you won’t ever want to leave – 15-minute power naps can easily morph into hour-long snoozes.

You can also take full advantage of the Navi Edition’s 4D armrests to create a personalized placement that maximizes your comfort and suits your preferred seating position whether you choose to sit up straight, cross-legged, or something different.

The only downside is that smaller folk may struggle to fit into this seat – the pillow placement won’t be ideal for those shorter than about 5ft 7in (170cm). Our reviewer is 5ft 9in and found they had to perform some adjusting each time to ensure the seat was perfect – but when they found that sweet spot they were set.

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