AMD could soon reveal a rival to Nvidia’s RTX Voice to give gamers and streamers the edge

AMD could soon reveal a rival to Nvidia’s RTX Voice to give gamers and streamers the edge

AMD Noise Suppression is on its way, apparently According to reports, AMD is aiming to give its Radeon GPUs the ability to cancel out noise, creating a system that might compete with Nvidia’s RTX Voice technology (later dubbed by Team Green as “Noise Removal”; more on that below).

Team Red is planning to title its version AMD Noise Suppression, and a video on the company’s official YouTube channel gave us a sneak peek of the function. However, that video was swiftly taken down (or rather, made private) when people found out about it.

Fortunately, as Tom’s Hardware reports, an on-the-ball Redditor (‘crazydaveyboy’) captured and shared the relevant details, and there was even a teaser video on Noise Suppression posted elsewhere on Reddit (and while the post has been removed by mods, the short clip is still visible).

According to these leaked data, AMD Noise Suppression is intended to help you “connect without interruptions” and offers “two-way noise reduction for input and output” that functions across “different apps and games.”

Similar to RTX Voice, it will essentially use AI (deep learning) to clean up the audio, enhancing the audio of your video conversations or streams by, well, suppressing any background noise as the name says.

The aforementioned Redditor claims that the functionality will reside in the Radeon Adrenalin driver’s Audio and Video tab, and that turning it on will install a new virtual audio device (which functions very similarly to RTX Voice) that you may use in any open applications.

Given that this information is coming from an official source, it seems very likely that AMD will soon give us a complete explanation of the technology. Since the launch video has been prepared as such and the teaser film ends with the phrase “available now,” we expect something to be released soon enough.

Analysis: Anything you can do, we can do better…

Of course, we don’t know if this AI-powered audio cleanup will require specialized gear and one of AMD’s more modern GPUs. The ‘Noise Removal’ feature in the Nvidia Broadcast app was renamed from RTX Voice to become available for GTX graphics cards as well after Nvidia released RTX Voice for Turing GPUs (the last generation before Ampere RTX 3000). RTX Voice was initially intended only for RTX graphics cards, as the name suggested, but it now also works for GTX cards.

Given that Nvidia has made it available for GTX models (and obviously the AI in that case doesn’t require the specialist Tensor Cores present on RTX GPUs), we would expect AMD to be trying to use this technology widely. As opposed to DLSS, AMD’s upscaling technology, FSR, was designed with the intention of working with older graphics cards, therefore we anticipate that the same will be true for audio.

Whatever the case, this is good news for AMD graphics card owners, considering that we’re big fans of Nvidia’s RTX Voice (or Noise Removal, rather). It’s very effective in dealing with background noise and distractions, so we’d hope AMD would be able to achieve similar results with what sounds like a similar AI-powered method (though the initial incarnation may well need ongoing tuning, as ever).

It’s also intriguing to note that AMD’s toolkit may soon include more AI technology. It’s rumored that the idea is to eventually equip FSR with AI skills in addition to being presumably planned to be introduced for this audio trickery (maybe with version 3.0).

Because Team Red’s current FSR 2.0 doesn’t use AI, as you’re probably aware, and because the results from the second-gen frame rate booster are still excellent, AMD has made some very impassioned arguments that machine learning isn’t necessary to build a good upscaling solution.

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