Adobe Acrobat Reader DC review

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC review

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Epblogs verdict

A good free PDF reader that does what it says on the tin: enables you to read PDF files and somewhat alter them, is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Just a shame Adobe felt the need to plaster advertisements for the app’s paid-for big brother all over the user interface.

Quick Summary

You frequently encounter the file extension “PDF,” which stands for Portable Document Format. The reason it’s so well-liked is that, in addition to being fairly certain that the recipient has a reader application that works with it, the layout data and even the fonts are embedded in the PDF file itself, guaranteeing that the document will display exactly as it did when it was created regardless of the computer it’s being viewed on.

Just like it was intended to be used with Adobe Acrobat, the first PDF reader to be released back in 1993. Since then, a lot has changed, and the company’s preferred method for reading PDF files is now Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (which is unrelated to Batman or Superman; DC stands for Document Cloud).

It’s free to download, so let’s take a look at what you can do with it.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Getting Started

A very basic UI with a sidebar on the left, some suggested tools at the top, and a list of previous PDFs you’ve browsed will greet you when Acrobat Reader first launches.

It doesn’t quite appear like a tab bar, but there is a tab bar in the top left corner. The current page is “Home.” To see all the features you may utilize, click on “Tools.” However, there is a catch: once you activate the feature, you will be directed to pay for and download Reader’s bigger brother, Acrobat DC, even if it appears that you can use the ones with a small blue star next to them and even though you can choose files.

Coming from one of the biggest app makers on the market, this is a bit disingenuous. We were not impressed.

JUST STARTING The majority of the choices in the sidebar require you to sign in to your Adobe Creative Cloud account. However, you don’t actually need an account to perform basic tasks like accessing all of your hard drive’s contents and seeing your recently viewed documents. You may also ‘Star’ documents to effectively push them to the top of the list.

  • Easy start score: 3/5

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Reading Experiencs

A PDF will open in Acrobat Reader and become a new tab at the top of the interface. This implies that you can open numerous files simultaneously. It’s also possible to create an entirely new window with different tabs, albeit doing so will also create copies of the Home and Tools tabs for that window.

To navigate to the following or previous page, using the Down and Up arrow keys (should your PDF contain more than one). Use the magnifying tool in conjunction with the Hand tool if the lettering is too small for you to read comfortably. This will allow you to easily navigate the enlarged page. If the orientation of the page is incorrect, there is also a rotate button.

The option to display page thumbnails is one of the buttons on the limited sidebar on the left (which you can increase or decrease the size of). Instead of reading a document page by page, this is a terrific method to scroll through it to find a certain page. There is, however, a quicker approach.

  • Reading score: 5/5

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC How to Search

If your PDF is properly formatted, you’ll be able use the magnifying glass icon located top left of the interface. This is a highly useful search feature, which can help you locate specific sections quickly without having to peruse page after page.

Don’t confuse that feature with the search field, top of the right sidebar. That allows you to find specific features within this app, or another (likely paid) one.

Speaking of the right sidebar, it’s mostly an advert for premium features, and even includes a big blue ‘Try Now’ button, and a ‘Free 7-Day Trial’ one at the bottom.

To be frank, this is borderline adware. We don’t tolerate it when small developers do it, so why should we accept it from one of the giants?

  • Search score: 4/5

Memos, Annotations, And Highlighters

Another very useful feature is the ability to highlight sections of text (just like you would use a yellow highlighter on a physical document), or attach notes to specific parts of the page.

This is done with a couple of tools located to the right of the top toolbar. Just select either, and do what you need to do. It’s a great way to keep track of a document you’re analysing.

Text tools score: 5/5 

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC Signing Documents

There are some PDFs that can be edited, such as those that ask you to sign or, more simply, those that ask you to fill out information in certain spaces. The days of printing a paper, signing it, scanning it, and sending it on are long gone. These days, eSign software is widely used.

To do this in Reader DC, select the “Signature” tool, then paste any previously stored signature anywhere on the page. If you don’t already have one saved, making one is quite simple (or just type your initials). Additionally, if you’d like, you can modify the ink’s color and even its size.

You may also share your work with others, along with any notes you’ve added along the way, but doing so necessitates uploading it to Adobe’s Cloud (thus the DC moniker), which calls for having an account with them. The good news is that you don’t have to pay anything to register and that it looks you can use this feature without doing so.

ESign score: 5/5 

Final Verdict

One of the best free PDF viewers for anyone wishing to view documents and interact with them in some way, such as adding comments, completing forms, or signing papers, is Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

However, it is hampered by persistent solicitations that you upgrade to the more robust, commercial version of Adobe Acrobat DC. If not for all of these advertisements, it would have a much higher rating. However, the software is sufficiently robust and cross-platform. If you don’t find adware to be a bother, then it’s worth adding to your list of applications.

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