Adobe Acrobat PDF DC review

Adobe Acrobat PDF DC review

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Epblogs verdict

For PDF editors, Adobe Acrobat DC has a lengthy history on the market. The program has had its ups and downs, but in the end it has succeeded in maintaining its status as one of the best PDF editors available. It brings a lot of functionality to the table, which may be a little overwhelming for some beginners, but is still wonderful for those who know how to make the most of what Acrobat DC has to offer.

This is probably not the best option for your needs if all you need is a clear, easy-to-use PDF editor for small activities. However, Acrobat DC is now one of the best options if you’re a dedicated user who need a ton of sophisticated capabilities.

Quick Summary

The market for PDF editors is enormous, and different user groups are always on the lookout for certain capabilities. (Opens in new tab) If you’ve ever looked for a PDF editor, you’ve definitely seen the enormous diversity on the market and the wide range of presentation styles employed by the many applications available.

If you plan to use this tool frequently, it is crucial to look about and evaluate items for a time. Investing the time to choose the ideal PDF editor for your requirements can pay off in several ways.

One of the most well-known brands in the PDF editor industry is Adobe, and Adobe Acrobat DC has been available for a while now. The tool is somewhat polarizing among users because some may argue that it is not suitable for their particular preferences, while others may staunchly support it and refuse to use anything else. In the end, it comes down to personal preference, thus before choosing the best instrument, you must be aware of your own needs.

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Adobe Acrobat PDF DC Plans and pricing

The tool is available with a number of pricing options that ought to satisfy the needs of most users. Depending on your subscription type, the Pro(opens in new tab) edition will cost you $2–3 more per month than the Standard version. You can choose to subscribe for a full year (paid in one lump sum or on a monthly basis), or on a monthly basis. Along with kids, teachers, and businesses, there are specific strategies available.

A few new capabilities that are unique to the Pro edition are included, including document comparison (with the option to identify differences), OCR, redaction, and validation. The majority of users probably won’t need most of these capabilities because they are primarily designed for business users with extremely specialized demands. However, the Pro subscription is an excellent deal for people who require its advanced capabilities due to the additional cost.

Adobe Acrobat PDF DC Features

There are many options in Adobe Acrobat DC that can help you organize your PDFs and make the most of them. You can divide and merge documents, change their styles, cut/insert text, and perform other typical editing operations.

Additionally, you can convert between a number of formats, including Word (opens in new tab) and many image formats. The tool also offers the option to compress PDF files without losing any information, although the effectiveness of that operation will vary depending on a variety of elements unique to your documents.

Standard form editing capabilities is also supported by Acrobat DC, albeit if you’re used to other tools, this functionality might seem a little limited. The form editor should still be adequate for the majority of users, but if that will take up a significant portion of your daily tasks, be aware that there are better options available.

Adobe Acrobat PDF DC Interface and in use

One of the applications strengths is Acrobat DC’s sleek, snappy user interface, which leaves nothing to be desired. This is a common feature of Adobe’s software, and the company is well-known for their cutting-edge UI methods. The main drawback in this aspect is that Acrobat DC requires a powerful computer to function well because it is a little heavier than the normal PDF editor.

Adobe Acrobat PDF DC Support

Adobe is known for their great customer support, and you’re going to find a lot of information already available at the knowledge base to begin with. Most of your questions should be answered there, especially those concerning general application use.

If you need advanced support, you can expect the team to get back to you relatively fast, and they are known for the high quality of their support specialists, so you can expect a quick resolution to your problems.

Adobe Acrobat PDF DC The competition

Acrobat DC is sort of in its own rank on the current market for PDF editors, and has no real competition. The program is the most professional PDF editor out at the moment, and it comes with lots of advanced features fit for everyone’s needs.

The only exception is if you need something more advanced for filling out forms, in which case an editor like PDF24 Creator or PDFZilla could work better, despite looking a bit clunkier.

Adobe Acrobat PDF DC Review Final verdict

Adobe Acrobat DC is not the cheapest option on the market for PDF editors, but it deserves its solid reputation. The application has pretty much everything you might need to work on PDF documents and take your work with them to the next level, and it’s all presented in a nice, comprehensive interface. Give the free trial a go and see if it fits your requirements, as it’s very likely that you won’t need to search further after checking out what Acrobat DC has to offer.

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