9 unexpected announcements (and 4 no-shows) from Comic-Con 2022 you might have missed

9 unexpected announcements (and 4 no-shows) from Comic-Con 2022 you might have missed

The San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is over. The three-day extravaganza is finished for another year, and there were a ton of announcements made by some of the top film and television studios, comic book juggernauts, and other organizations.

But given how many announcements were made over the weekend of July 21 to 24, we anticipate you will have missed a good deal of them. We are confident that you have been informed of the significant announcements and trailer releases for Lord of the Rings on Amazon, Marvel Studios, and Warner Bros. However, there were some important announcements and some dismal no shows that you could have missed in the sea of other revelations.

We’ve compiled nine unexpected announcements from Comic-Con 2022 that you’re sure to have missed below. Additionally, despite rumors to the contrary, four projects (or individuals) were not present at the significant comic book and entertainment event.

1. The Wheel of Time spins out a third season

The Wheel of Time spins out a third seasonAmazon Studios’ big-budget fantasy offering for 2022 may be The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, but that didn’t stop it from dropping an intriguing piece of news surrounding another big Prime Video series.

A third season of The Wheel of Time, which has not yet been released, has been ordered (via Polygon). You probably didn’t hear about it because the announcement was made during a panel discussion about Origins, the animated prequel series to The Wheel of Time. In any case, the news that The Wheel of Time will return for a third season doesn’t come as a huge surprise given that it was one of Prime Video’s most popular series of 2021.

2. The Rings of Power showcases another dwarven first

Speaking of The Rings of Power, we’ve finally received confirmation of one particular piece of Middle-earth lore surrounding the dwarves. Namely, that some female dwarves will also have beards.

Executive producer Lindsay Weber disclosed that some female dwarves had beards, just like their male counterparts, while speaking on Friday, July 22 during the show’s Hall H panel. She added, “I can confirm they have facial hair” (per CBR.com). “You see more of it in the show,” I can’t wait for you to see more of it.

Naturally, we mention some because Princess Disa of Sophia Nomvete has already been proven to be without a beard. The Rings of Power will reveal if a sizable minority of dwarves or the majority of them choose to develop facial hair.

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